NEW eLearn Commerce features documentation

How to Use and Set Up the Challenge Course Type


1.11 adds a new Course Type, the Challenge Course Type. Learn How to use and set one up here.



How to use and setup the List Item Content Type


You can add content in the form of list items to your e-learning platform now. Learn how to use this new Content Type by clicking here

How to setup a Left or Right Sidebar Index Page


You can now add a left or right sidebar to your index page and change it's layout!

The new left/right sidebar content library index page includes a dedicated search box and powerful content category filtering options.

Finding Content will be a breeze for your students from now on.

Learn How to use the new Left/Right Sidebar Index Page here


Data, Privacy Settings and GDPR Compliance


1.11 includes data privacy and GDPR compliance features. Learn how to use these features here. 

Learn about all the WPEP data privacy-related elements that you can add to your mix to reach GDPR compliance here.


How to add a Completion History and Progress Reset button to your Courses


With 1.11 This feature is now native to eLearn Commerce and no longer requires the Progress Repeat Add-On.

This feature adds an Execution Plan Completion History below any EP detailing to the user and to the admin when and how many times he went thru the Execution Plan and/or Standard Operating Procedure.

It also adds a Button at the end of any Execution Plan that enables a Student to reset his progress and uncheck all checkboxes of an Execution Plan with a single click. Learn How to use this feature here.



How to continue editing a previously created Shortcode


How to automatically Backup or Migrate your eLearning Platform


With eLearn Commerce 1.11 Backup and imports are now native. Import, Export and Migrate all of your Courses and Content with a few Mouseclicks.

It also allows you to set and run automated backups of your entire elearning platform.

Furthermore, with 1.11, we did introduce .CSV Imports.

Learn How to use this feature here.



How to manually add German translation files to your eLearn Commerce


If you're currently using WPEP on a German WordPress after updating to eLearn Commerce 1.11the eLearn Commerce backend will not be german anymore.

You'll need to manually add the German translation files to your WordPress. Learn how you can easily do that here.


How to set a Custom / register success URL for eLearn Commerce authentication forms


Learn how to redirect users to a custom URL after successfully signing up on your site here.


How to display the Full Name or First Name of any User using the User Full Name and User First Name Shortcode


Display the Full Name or First Name of any User or Member with the User Full Name and User First Name Shortcode. Learn More



New eLearn Commerce Sales Engine documentation

How to synchronize your Stripe Subscriptions using the eLearn Commerce Sales Engine


You've got years worth of subscription memberships in your stripe account? Subscription migration into Membership Solution is a point & click affair now.

Seamlessly Sync all of them with a single click using the eLearn Commerce Content Sales Engine and this new Super feature. Learn how to use it here.

New Personalized Learning Module features

How to add Key Performance Indicator tracking to a Learner Profile


You can add Key Performance Indicators to any Learning Channel using the Personalized Learning Module and track a learner’s performance.

This feature requires the Personalized Learning Module. Learn how to set up KPI's here.

How to create a Free Content Displaying Learning Channel Tab on a Learner Profile using the Personalized Learning Module


Want to display Free Content to all your Learners? You can now create a Free Content Displaying Learning Channel Tab.

Before you had to create a Free Membership Plan and attach the Free Content to such a Plan to display it.

Now you just create and Open / Free Learning Channel.

Learn How to use this feature here.


How to add a Teacher to a Learning Channel


You can now add Teachers to previously created Learning Channels. Learn More

How to manage multiple Conversations in the Personalized Learning Module


Before you had to go to each Learning Channel you created and manage each conversation separately.

Now you manage all Conversations that happen on all Channels on one single overview page under Channel Discussions. Learn More



How to designate Teachers, Coaches or Consultants to Learners


Are you creating an Online School and need to assign Teachers, Coaches or Consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site?

Learn how to do that here.


New SCORM Integration Addon

How to create and Publish Scorm Courses on your eLearn Commerce powered Platform


eLearn Commerce 1.11 is SCORM standard compliant and you can easily publish your SCORM courses now. Learn how to do that here



Get the SCORM addon here (requires WPEP Developers or Lifetime License)

For Developers

A complete list of all Removed Functionalities, Actions & Filters.


Learn which features we've retired and which Actions & Filters we removed here.