Publish Challenge Courses

Introducing the All-New Challenge Course Type which enables you to create, publish and host Online Challenges on your eLearning Platform.

Easily create a daily, weekly or monthly Challenge and use eLearn Commerce's native Drip Feeding & Content Timing Options to release each challenge to your Audience.

Automate the Conversation and Follow up by integrating eLearn Commerce with your Email Marketing Automation Service Provider or WordPress Membership Plugin of choice and tag your Members or Students as they progress thru the Challenge.

The Engagement boosting social sharing features of the Challenge Course Type will allow your Members to easily share it on their Social Networks.

Add checklists to each Challenge and track overall progress through eLearn Commerce's powerful and in-depth Analytics.

By using the Member Magnet option, native to eLearn Commerce, you can use a Challenge Course as a Lead Magnet too, allowing access in exchange for an email signup.

As all other Course Types also the Challenge Course Type is Cross-Device and Cross-Browser optimised and therefore looks and performs great anywhere.

eLearn Commerce makes creating & publishing an Online Challenge as easy as writing a WordPress Blog Post.

We challenge you to create your first challenge course today!

First Challenge Course


The Stunning Design which looks and performs great on and from any device increases the Perceived Value of your learning opportunity.


All Learning related activities centrally organized and managed on one single page thru which your Learners access your Elearning Platform.


No coding skills required! Copy & paste is all it takes! Just paste ONE Shortcode onto any WordPress Page and it’s there & working.


Challenge Course Participants can easily share it on their Socials. Add any Network relevant to your Online business or audience in a snap.


Using the Member Magnet feature native to eLearn Commerce, you can allow access to the Challenge in exchange for an email signup.


Integrate with your Email Marketing Automation Service Provider or Membership Plugin of Choice using our Deep Integration Addons.


Easily add Tasks & Checklists to each Challenge! Participants can check it off before proceeding to the next Challenge.


Get an at a glance overview over how you’re doing and track overall progress through eLearn Commerce's powerful and native analytics.


Easily Embed any Content you already published on your elearning Platform into any Challenge using eLearn Commerce's powerful Shortcode System.

Introducing the eLearn Commerce Walkthrough System

In our book, one of the extraordinary things we work on EVERYDAY is the accomplishment of our Mission which is to enable anyone to create and set up an Online Education Platform on WordPress and have it be Quick, Easy, Fast and Free of Pain.

Quick, easy, fast & free of pain + WordPress, very often are not a match made in heaven though.

Yes, WordPress gives you lots of options which for an expert = to “I’m in heaven” but for the vast majority of us the richness of options = to “paralysis by analysis.”

Weeks and weeks go by because you don’t know which questions to ask in order to get the answers you seek.

The path is not clear and no one walks you through stuff.

It’s frustrating!

This is literally frustration NR.1 for anyone starting on this path and even for the more “advanced” of us things can be challenging to setup at times.

We’re on a mission to COMPLETELY eradicate this issue once and for all and to accomplish that we did create the…

…eLearn Commerce Walkthrough System, which we’re delivering to you with the 1.11 Austin release.

Anyone, truly anyone will be able to setup his elearning platform using this System.

No thinking required!

Just follow along, do as instructed and get it done in minutes instead of wasting days and weeks of your time stumbling in the dark.

With 1.11 we’ll release the first Version of the WT-System and a small library of these Walkthroughs but we’ll keep on adding them as we move forward.

There will be Walkthroughs for everything, from the simple to the complex.

Minutes not Weeks & huge amounts of Dollars saved!

The Walkthrough System will change peoples lives for the better and make anyone using eLearn Commerce in the truest sense of the word “INDEPENDENT”.

WordPress Editor

Index Page List Item

The Index Page List Item is a horizontally oriented, redirect to Content or URL Item, you can now add to your Content Library Index Page.

It contains a picture, a headline, a description and a button element, all customizable.

Up until Version 1.11, eLearn Commerce had only vertically oriented redirect to Content or URL Items and Presentation Cards.

This new addition gives you one more option or alternative to present your Content to your Audience or redirect them to any URL on your platform or the Web.

Index Page List Items

Left/Right Sidebar Index Page

Especially suited and developed for eLearning Platforms and Membership Site scenarios with a very high volume and diversity of Content, the Left/Right Sidebar Index Page comes with advanced content categorization, tagging and content filtering options and features.

Besides the regular categorization you can now enable Presentation Card Labels for Content Categories as well and display an additional Content-Tag + Tag-Icon on the Presentation Card.

This tag enables you to further Categorize your Content and becomes immediately available as a Content filtering option either on the left or the right-hand side of your Index Page.

The Content Navigation contains a dedicated Search feature as well.

The eLearn Commerce Content Search was specifically built to enable you and anyone else to search and easily find any content you publish on your elearning platform.

The Left/Right Sidebar Index Page looks and performs great on any mobile device and browser.

Left or Right Index Page

Visual Shortcode Builder

With eLearn Commerce 1.11 we’ve turned Shortcode building into a Visual Experience.

In the past, you had to put your Shortcode together in a Popup window and then you had to copy it to your clipboard then paste it onto a page, then publish the page and only then you saw how it actually looked.

If how it looked did not coincide with what you originally wanted you had to repeat this whole process again and again and again and again or edit the Shortcode by hand but only a very small % of us possesses the skills to actually do that.

With 1.11 you can now build your Shortcode, select all the options and directly see the result it produces in the same window and once you’re happy with the end result only then you copy and paste it onto any page on your WordPress.

1.11 introduces previously created shortcodes editing capabilities as well.

Copy and Paste any previously created Shortcode into the Shortcode editor, this will automatically load all the options you chose beforehand and you now can continue editing it where you left off.

Visual ShortCode Builder

CSV One-Click Course Content Import

Creating and Publishing a Course with eLearn Commerce is very easy as it all happens on one single page but we had to make it even easier for you.

1.11 introduces the CSV One-Click Course Content Import feature.

You can now organize your Course Content in a CSV excel spreadsheet by emulating a template .CSV file you can download in the eLearn Commerce backend.

Once you’re done you just import it and your Course, no matter how many lessons or content it contains is there in a matter of seconds.

CSV One-click Course Content Import

Data & Privacy GDPR Compliance

1.11 contains all required data management and general data protection regulation features to render your eLearning Platform, your membership Site and most importantly your online business GDPR compliant.

eLearn Commerce is a WordPress Plugin and as such, it is deeply embedded into the WordPress ecosystem.

With WordPress version 4.9.6, most of the groundwork has been done for you in order to make your Business & WordPress site GDPR compliant.

WordPress Version 4.9.6 is a Data Privacy release and introduces a whole series of privacy-related features such as:

• Privacy Policy page template/creation
• User Data Request Handling
• User Data Export and Removal tools
• Cookie Opt-in for Comments

We’ve made sure that eLearn Commerce fully integrates with all the Data Privacy features of this latest and all future WordPress releases.

GDPR Compliance

Content Sales Engine Addon

With eLearn Commerce 1.11, Version 1.7.0 of the Content Sales Engine Addon will be delivered to you as well.

This latest Version of eLearn Commerce's Membership Solution contains a number of improvements but most importantly a powerful new feature everyone using Stripe to process payments will love.

Sales Engine Addon

Stripe Subscription Synchronization

Let me Introduce you to a “powerful beyond measure” new Content Sales Engine feature.

If you’re using Stripe to process your Payments and recurring Subscriptions then you’re going to love this one cause it will save you days if not weeks of painstaking manual data entry work & 600+ Dollars in Custom Development costs —> per site.

Let’s say you’re running a Membership Site and you’re using Stripe to process your payments and subscriptions. You’re now deciding to scale, migrate or consolidate your Memberships and Subscriptions into a new membership Site or domain.

Let’s say you’re switching from one Membership Plugin to the Sales Engine and you used Stripe in the past as your payment processor?

How do you get those Subscriptions out of Stripe and into your new Membership Site?

How do you get all the accounts created on your new WordPress Membership Site?

How do you migrate a Membership Site, User Accounts and all the Subscriptions associated with those accounts and all the content access rules from one Domain to the next?

In the past this ment countless hours of manual data entry work or at least 10 hours+ of custom development worth at least 60$ an hour —> for each site.

With this new Sales Engine feature, this now becomes a one-click affair.

Best of all you can use it on any number of Sites at no additional cost even while the site is live.

Stripe Synchronization

Personalized Learning

The PLM Module is the world’s first and only Personalized Learning Solution for WordPress.

It enables you to tackle 1:1 or Group coaching, consulting and teaching scenarios like only the top 1% teaching & training companies with big tech-budgets can.

Set up Virtual Classrooms, Private Areas & Personalized Learning Environments for every single Learner or Groups of Learners on your eLearning Platform.

Publish tailor-made Content & Courses for specific learners or Groups of Learners and deliver support, service, and assistance to your Clients or Members the super-high value way.

Have private, secure and real-time live Chats & Conversations with each Student or with Groups of Students.

Both Learner and Teacher can easily share Files between each other, publish private action plans, call replays, share links from around the web and more.

Designate multiple Coaches, Consultants or Teachers to specific Learners or Groups of Learners without giving them full admin access to your Site.

With 1.11 we’re also shipping Version 1.2.0 of the PLM to you which contains the following new features:

Personalized Learning Module

Key Performance Indicator Tracking

If you are using the Personalized Learning Module to 1:1 or Group Coach, Consult or Teach your Students and Clients then you’ll love the fact that you’re now able to track KPI’s.

What are KPI’s and why should you track them?

A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively your student or client is achieving the teaching, learning or coaching objectives set out by your program.

Let’s say you’re a Fitness-Coach and you teach your Client how to lose weight with your 8 week personalized weight-loss coaching program.

In this case some weekly KPI’s you’d like to track would be:

1.: Weight loss
2.: Body Fat%
3.: Calories Burned
+ more

Let’s say you’re a Business Growth Coach or Consultant and you teach your Clients how to get more Customers and make more money.

In this case some weekly KPI’s you’d like to track would be:

1.: New Leads acquired
2.: Leads Converted
3.: Sales Made
4.: This weeks turnover

What this new feature will allow you to do is to track these measurable results and display them on a learning channel in the Learner Profile using the Personalized Learning Module.

Your Student or Client will now be able to go in there and each week, month or year insert values that overtime will generate not only a beautiful graph but also generate the intangible Value of —> “Achievement”.

This is extremely powerful and very high value for any teacher-student, coach-coachee, consultant-client relationship because in essence what learning anything needs to generate is a Behaviour or Results Change, for the better.

If i teach you something and nothing changes you haven’t actually learned a thing from me, it’s that simple.

KPI’s allow you to track these achievements & results over time for everyone to see.

This is especially great for high ticket coaching, consulting & teaching relationships, but not only.

Reaching Objectives over time is priceless for anyone of your Students or Clients.

Key Performance Indicator Tracking

One Page Multiple Conversations Management

One of the most powerful features, besides the many others of the PLM Module, are LIVE CONVERSATIONS.

Upon install you’ll be able to host private, secure 1:1 or Group Conversations on your elearning platform.

The great thing with PLM conversations is that No Page Reload is Necessary; New Comments are visible immediately and this works no matter which device you’re using.

Are you coaching, consulting or teaching someone while traveling the world or while you’re on the go?

You can do that with the PLM.

It also contains an Email Notification System and both Learner and Teacher get notified by email each time a conversation is updated.

You can add conversation capabilities to each Learning Channel.

You can coach, consult or teach a Group of 20 students on one Learning Channel.

Have a high ticket client of yours on another Learning Channel.

Have your 10 Mastermind Members on another Learning Channel.

and so on and so forth…

Before you had to navigate to each Channel to respond to messages and converse with your Learners or Clients.

Now all your Conversations can be controlled and managed from One Single Page.

Are you running an Academy, school or institute Online with many teachers?

Each one of them will now be able to Manage the Discussions of the Class or Clients you designated to them using the new One Page multiple conversations management feature included in PLM Version 1.2.0

Conversation Management

Add PLM to your elearning platform today

*PLM is not included in your eLearn Commerce License and needs to be purchased separately!

New Addon included in 1.11

Starting Today! eLearn Commerce supports publishing of SCORM Courses.

Scorm Addon Icon

Create SCORM conformant Courses on your eLearning Platform.

This Addon enables you to create and publish SCORM Standard conformant Courses on your eLearn Commerce powered eLearning Platform.

It does it by adding a new Course Type into which you can upload a SCORM 1.2 Course zip file.

The AddOn also allows you to connect to the Scorm Cloud Service, through their API turning your Website into a SCORM Course Content Host.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is a really powerful tool for anyone involved in online training.

Content can be created one time and used in many different systems and situations without modification.

This plug-and-play functionality can be powerful within an organization but even more so across organizations.

Content can be sold and delivered to the learner more quickly, more efficiently, and at a lower price.

SCORM is widely adopted by huge organizations.

The US Department of Defense for example has specified that all of its content must be delivered via SCORM.

This Addon which is included into eLearn Commerce Developers and Lifetime Licenses only, makes your elearning platform SCORM conformant.

Learn More about this Integration

More Features Included in 1.11

Progress Repeat Icon

Progress Repeat

This feature is now native to eLearn Commerce and no longer requires the Progress Repeat Add-On. If you have the Add-On running on your site right now, don’t worry! Upon upgrade It’ll be automatically uninstalled and everything will continue to work normally.

eLearnCommerce ShortCode Revision

eLearn Commerce Index Page Shortcode Revision

We’ve revised the look and feel of the Drag & Drop Index Page course ordering options.

Back & Migrate Icon

Back & Migrate

Since eLearn Commerce 1.11 Backup and imports are now native. This means you no longer need the eLearn Commerce Import & Export Add-On as everything can be done natively now!

Continue Where You Left Off Icon

Continue where you left off Shortcode editing

You now have the option to re-edit (and live preview) a previously created shortcode!

Free Content Displaying Icon

Free Content Displaying Learning Channel

You are now able to create Learning Channels that are open and no longer required a membership to be attached to them!

User Full or First Name ShortCode Icon

Display User Full or First Name Shortcode

You can display a user’s full or first name anywhere on your WordPress Site using the Full or First Name shortcode!

1.11 New Features Documentation

This Learn Map contains all required documentation to implement, setup and use all the features that were introduced with the eLearn Commerce 1.11 Austin release

[wpep_course id="123583" show_header="0" layout-background-color="#f7faff" layout-box-shadow="0 0 0"]

Learn Map Created using eLearn Commerce Learn Map Course Type

Custom Development Service

WordPress eLearning Platform Setup and Custom Development Service

Do you need functionality for eLearn Commerce that that is not offered out of the box?
Do you need an eLearning Platform Setup Service?

What's next?

eLearn Commerce is much more than just a Learning Management System for WordPress.

It occupies a Category of its own.

It’s a Content & Service Delivery System (CSDS) for WordPress, and the first and only of it’s kind.

Not just Management of Content (CMS or LMS) but Management + Delivery of Content & Coaching, Consulting & Teaching Services.

A very subtle but huge difference.

You can create your online School, Academy or Institute with it and sell your 1:1 or Group Coaching, Consulting, and Teaching Services too.

It’s so powerful that you can build any type of elearning membership site with it online.

eLearn Commerce is a Content & Service Delivery System for Value Creators.

The Value Creator being you the Knowledge Worker, the Teacher, The Coach, the Consultant basically anyone using Knowledge as a Value Creation Tool in today’s Knowledge & Technology economy.

We will relentlessly continue to do our best and more to deliver information, knowledge and easy to use technology to the modern Value Creator.

We are dedicated to the accomplishment of our Vision which is to enable anyone to create and set up an elearning platform on WordPress and have it be quick, easy, simple and free of pain.

For the next months besides preparing for the next big release of eLearn Commerce, our focus will be on building walkthroughs using the WT-System we’re releasing with 1.11 today.

We’ll build Walkthroughs for everything from the easiest to the very complex elearning platform setups.

In the past you had to pay someone to set things up for you —> Walkthroughs will enable you to make things happen all by yourself.

No tech knowledge required.

Just follow along.

The stumbling in the dark for days and weeks or months time is over —> Walkthroughs will get you to end-result heaven in minutes.

This means more money and most importantly more time for you.

I am sure that Walkthroughs will change many lives for the better.

There is more but for now, I’ll stop here.

Maybe for the next release, we’ll do a daylong Keynote Presentation ????

There’s just too many amazing things that are happening and upcoming.

Thank you for being with us!

We’re very grateful to have you!

Let’s Grow

Let’s Learn

Let’s Teach

Now Go create Massive Value!

All the best
Corrado Izzo
CEO & Founder

PS.: Do you want to help teachers teach, coaches coach and consultants consult?


Then click here, signup and become an affiliate and earn while you help others learn & grow & teach.