"1.12 Boston is about giving you total Independence from previous Systems, absolute flexibility, unrestrained freedom, true ownership & full control over your Online Business."

Migrate from any LMS or MemberShip Plugin to eLearnCommerce with 3 clicks!

There is a great injustice in New Education Land which is that once you choose an LMS or Membership Plugin, you're pretty much stuck with it.

Migrations are costly both in terms of human and material resources, and there are so many unknowns which are part of the equation.

I've seen businesses and organizations spend days, weeks even months to execute migrations.

So much loss and changes are involved.

Knowledge Management and Knowledge itself is at the heart of business today.

Migrating a Knowledge Management System can be compared to performing a "Brain" Transplant on your business.

That's the reason why most avoid the subject "Migration" altogether.

It doesn't have to be this way!

We're working on making brain transplants a walk in the park since a very long time.

Back in January 2017, we've introduced Platform Backup Export --> Import.

It's a native eLearnCommerce feature.

It enables you to Backup & Migrate your entire eLearning Platform from
one domain to the next with just a few clicks.

It includes a dedicated Data Vault too which will backup your Platform in regular intervals so that nothing ever gets lost.

eLearnCommerce is the only Knowledge Delivery System with such a feature.

Today with eLearnCommerce 1.12 we're rolling the migration tool we've developed in-house to help countless customers to migrate away from their previous Systems to eLearnCommerce into the Software.

These features will turn you into an overnight eLearning Membership Site Migration Hero.

You'll be able to do in 3 clicks what others need days or weeks to get done and charge 4 to 5 figures+ for.


3-Click LMS & Membership Plugins Migrations.

These 2 new features enable you to migrate away from your previous LMS and Membership Plugin to eLearnCommerce at MouseClickSpeed!

Never be stuck again!

Stop paying whomever you're unnecessarily paying to stay stuck right now!

We transformed eLearning Platforms Migrations into a NON-ISSUE!

eLearnCommerce supports 3-Click Migrations from the following systems:

supported LMS Plugins:

- Thrive Apprentice
- LearnPress
- LifterLMS
- AccessAlly (ProgressAlly)
- Sensei
- LearnDash
- WPCourseWare

supported Membership Plugins:

- Digital Access Pass
- DigiMember
- Easy Digital Downloads
- InstaMember
- MemberMouse
- MemberPress
- WooCommerce
- Memberium
- S2member
- Wishlist Member

  • Migrate your Content

Easily migrate your Courses, Content and Categories from your previous LMS System to eLearnCommerce.

  • Migrate your Members

Migrate your Membership Content Access Rules to the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine in the blink of an eye.

  • CSV Import Learners  

Easily migrate all your users from any Membership Site to eLearnCommerce with just a few clicks.

The Content Stream

The Content Stream is a powerful tool for creating Learning Journeys on your eLearning Platform.

It turns your Learning Content into a River of Knowledge.

A Learning Content river that flows towards your Learners and Clients.

The Content Stream Manager lets you establish the Content flow or Content delivery rules.

Another word for Learning Journey is Training Track or Curriculum.

A Curriculum refers to the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn over a period of time.

This includes:

- The learning standards or learning objectives they are expected to meet.
- The units and lessons that teachers teach in a course.
- The assignments and projects given to students.
- The books, materials, videos, presentations, and readings used in a course.
- The tests, assessments, and other methods used to evaluate student learning.

All of which you can create and publish on your eLearning Platform using the 6 eLearnCommerce Content Types.

The Content Stream enables you to place these on a Timeline.

You’re a Coach, Consultant or Teacher and you’re teaching a 12, 24 or 48-week program to 6.000+ students.

Each week they need to go through a Course, a Video, an Execution Plan, an ebook, an assessment, etc.

Create a Content Stream and set it on autopilot.

They enroll, signup, login and each day they’ll get served the content you added to the Stream.

You got a High Ticket Coaching Client (C-Level Executive).

You just had a Coaching Session with your Client, and it came out that in the next 4 weeks before the next Session he needs to go through A – C – D – X and Y.

Create a Content Stream just for him and then share it with him on his Profile.

This is what Personalized Learning is all about!

With eLearnCommerce 1.12 we're releasing an improved Version of the Content Stream which we first released to the World February 2019.

The Content Stream requires the eLearnCommerce Personalized Learning Module which is included in our Full-Stack Platform License.

  • Content Delivery Timing 

You can give, Instant Access, which allows you to create Self Paced Learning Journeys.

You can Drip Content, which enables you to establish after how many days Content becomes accessible, and you can Release Content on a Specific Date.

You can also Reverse Drip-Feed and restrict access to a Section or Lesson, Day by Day or on a Specific Date.

  • Create x-Week Training Programs

Create and deploy Personalized x-Week Training Programs and deliver your Knowledge to 1:1 or 1000's of Students or Clients on autopilot.

  • 3 Time Frames

You can add 6 Content types into a Content Stream. Courses, Ebooks, Videos, Offers, Assessments, Live Streams and List Items.

Organize them based on what they need to learn today keep a history of what they learned yesterday and give them an overview of the content they'll learn tomorrow.


Enable Student-based or Content-based Conversations on your Platform and host Private 1:1 and Group Conversations with your Learners or Clients.

You can enable Content-based Conversations below each Course or Lesson or Student-based Conversations on the Learner Profile itself.

These Conversations are private and secure. No Page Reload is Necessary;
New Comments are visible immediately on any device..

Create a fully integrated distraction free learning experience!

Your Learners and Clients don't need to leave your Site to talk to you or their Coach.

With 1.12 we're adding a new feature to Group Conversations that allows participants of a
Group Learning Channel to see who's taking part in the conversation.

Student-based Conversations require the eLearnCommerce Personalized Learning Module which is contained in our Full-Stack Platform License.

AutoLogin Links

There are many scenarios when you want to encourage your members to log back into your eLearning Membership site.  

Rather than have them login through the login page, you can instead, give them direct access to the exact material you’re sending them to via a link in an e-mail.

The all-new AutoLogin Links will allow your members to easily access your Content without having to log in to your Platform every single time. 




Index Page Pagination

Do you have a lot of Content on your eLearning Platform?

If you do, before 1.12 your index page would wind up to be extremely long.

With 1.12 you can now add pagination to your index Page and limit the number of posts per page! 

This works on all mobile devices! 

NO PAGE RELOAD is executed while you navigate the pages.

Student Learn-Time Tracking

You can now track how much time a student actually spends on a course as well as how much of that time he spends learning any given course in a focused manner. 

This means that eLearnCommerce will detect if and for how long a Course is in the area of the screen that is actually visible to the student.

Incl. ability to download CSV report!

Student Supervisor User Role

The New Student Supervisor Role enables you to assign teachers, coaches or consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site.

Learner Directory Shortcode

Easily add a searchable learner directory to any page using the all-new User Directory shortcode.

Tagging Batch Processor

This extremely powerful time saving new feature allows you to apply course started and completed tags to all the courses on your eLearning Platform with just a few clicks.

Just establish a tagging standard and apply tags in bulk to all the courses on your Platform without the need to go in and add them manually one by one.

We've developed this feature for Platforms with a high number of courses.

The real kicker is that you can retroactively apply a course started and completed tag to all your students and members as well.

Tags will be synced to your email marketing service of choice.

This feature is compatible with:

  • - Aweber
  • - Active Campaign
  • - Drip.co
  • - Intercom
  • - MailChimp 

Content Sales Engine 1.9

The Content Sales Engine enables you to protect and regulate access to your Content.

You can Sell this access, accept payments, create & manage memberships both Free & Paid and alot more.

It's a Powerful Content Sales and Membership Solution custom tailored and built for to work with eLearnCommerce.

With 1.12 we're releasing a new Version of the Sales Engine as well!

We've added a few amazing features to it!

Let me show you!


The Sales Engine Version 1.9 enables you to create Sub-accounts or Umbrella Accounts now.

Sub-Accounts are often referred to as Group Accounts, Team Accounts or Corporate Accounts.

Using the Sales Engine 1.9 + eLearnCommerce you can now create & sell training membership
programs to small businesses, teams, groups, or corporations.

The Sub-account owner can easily set up sub-accounts and grant and revoke access
to people on his team, group or members of his organization.

Imagine the possibilities!

Bulk-Assign Access Rules Automation

Do you have 100's or 1000's of Users on your WordPress Membership Site which were
created with a different or a number of different Membership Solutions?

Each one of these users has specific access rules attached to them regulating which content they can access and which they can't.

You're pretty much stuck in this scenario.

The Sales Engine 1.9 gets you unstuck and moving again in no time!

This new feature lets you bulk assign your previous Content Access rules to your new eLearnCommerce Platform and the Sales Engine in just a few clicks.

CSV One-Click Members Import and Notify

The All-New CSV Users Import feature enables you to easily migrate all your users from any Membership Site to the eLearnCommerce Content Sales Engine with just a few clicks.

You can use this feature to import members of your organization or corporation as well.

We've developed this feature for Corporate Team Training Scenarios.

If you're building a team training site then this feature is perfect.

Step 1: You format a CSV file containing your list of Users, employees, team members, students.

Step 2: You configure your email notifications. This is the email that will go out to your contacts with their new login information.

Step 3: You then assign specific Content or Membership Plan(s) to each User.

Upon Import each User gets an email Notification with his access details to your eLearning Platform.

They'll be able to login into your Site, access the Content or Membership you assigned to them.

It just takes a few seconds to set this up.

Third Party Import

Want to migrate over to the Content Sales Engine and need to import your Content access rules from your previous Membership Plugin?

We support 1 Click migrations from any WordPress Membership Plugin we have a deep integration with.

This works also if you've used our Forms Plugins integrations to Enroll, Sell and Protect your Content.

Sales Engine 1.9 supports 1-Click migrations from the following WordPress Membership Plugins:

- Digimember
- Easy Digital Downloads
- InstaMember
- MemberMouse
- MemberPress
- WooCommerce
- Digital Access Pass
- Memberium
- S2member
- Wishlist

and from the following Form Plugins:

- Formidable Forms
- Gravity Forms
- WPForms

Migrations causing migraines was yesterday!

This takes just a few seconds to execute!

More Sales Engine Features

Send a Post-Purchase or
Content Access Email

You can customize and have the Sales Engine automatically send a course or membership
post-purchase or content access confirmation email to your learners or customers.

Sales Engine Native Affiliate WP

Want to create an Affiliate program on your eLearnCommerce Platform? The Content Sales Engine Version 1.9 integrates natively
with AffiliateWP now

Create Free Memberships

Using the Sales Engine create Free Memberships to give your students access to free Courses and Content, but still require them to have an account!

Set User Role on
Membership Purchase

The Sales Engine Version 1.9 lets you automatically set user roles to change with the purchase or expiration of a membership.

Personalized Learning Module 1.7

The one size fits all approach to learning and teaching was yesterday.

Personalized Learning is where it's at moving forward.

The PLM is an eLearnCommerce Premium Extension Module.

It enables you to tackle 1:1 or Group coaching, consulting and teaching scenarios like only the top 1% teaching & training companies with big tech-budgets can.

You can set up Virtual Classrooms, Private Areas & Personalized Learning Environments for every single Learner or Groups of Learners on your eLearning Platform.

You can Publish tailor-made Content & Courses for specific learners or Groups of Learners and deliver support, service, and assistance to your Clients or Members the super-high value way.

You can host facebook group like private, secure and real-time live Chats & Conversations with each Student or with Groups of Students on your Platform.

Both the Learner and the Teacher can easily share Files between each other, publish private action plans, call replays, share links from around the web and more.

You can Designate multiple Coaches, Consultants or Teachers to specific Learners or Groups of Learners without giving them full admin access to your Site.

You can set up Content Streams and create Learning Journeys, Training Tracks or curricula as well.

With eLearnCommerce 1.12 we're releasing Version 1.7 of the personalized learning module which contains the following new features.

New PLM Features

Who is taking part in
the Conversation

The PLM enables you to host private 1:1 and Group Conversations on your Platform. This new feature allows participants of a Group Learning Channel ie. class of Students to see who's
taking part in the conversation.

Enable & Structure Learning
Channel Conversations 

You can activate discussion threads on each learning channel using the Personalized learning Module. This new feature enables you to disable, enable and archive conversations.

Submenu Learning Channels

Organize your learning channels into buckets to  display fewer tabs in the learner profile. This is especially great if you have a great number of Learning Channels on your Platform.

Detailed KPI & PLM Statistics

The PLM enables you to add Key Performance Indicators to any Learning Channel in your platform to collect a learner’s KPI's. Easily access, view, evaluate and download Last Activity and KPI statistics of every single Participant.

New Assessments Features

eLearnCommerce enables you to add Powerful Assessments to your Courses and Quizz your Students. 

With 1.12 we've considerably extended the capabilites of the Assessments and added 9 new features.

Assessments Streamlined
Quizz Experience

You can now assess your students without them ever leaving the Course.

Retake Assessments Shortcode

Place a retake assessment button anywhere on your platform. Enable your students to freely decide to retake an assessment whenever they want. 

Assessments Answers Overview

Generate and download a report containing all answers submitted by all students to all questions present in a particular assessment.

In-Course Assessments

In-Course Assessments enable you to add assessments at the end of a section or module of your Course.

Teacher Notifications on Assessment Grading

Being informed of your students progress through a course is vital to any instructor. This new feature allows your teachers, coaches to receive an email notification when an assessment has been graded.

Visual, Graph Reporting
for Assessments

1.12 enables you to view and download Graph reports for your assessments.

More Assessment Settings 

Disable the option to save answers, as well as hide the assessment title. Special Settings for 1 Question assessments.

New Simple Scoring Assessment Type

Create Assessments that have a score as a result instead of a % based evaluation.

New Rating Scale
Question Type

Ask Questions your Students answer by choosing a number between
1 - 5 or 1 - 10.

More Features Included in 1.12

New Documents Embed

Embed Documents such as PDF's, Docs or Powerpoint into One-Off Courses.

Load Content on Demand

Dramatically increase speed and performance! Choose whether you'd like to load your lesson content on page load or on lesson open.

Email Delivery & Open Tracking

Your Platform sends many emails to students, coaches, supervisors, customers etc. 1.12 brings you statistics on 
your email open rates. 

Weekly Recap Email:
4 new shortcodes

Customize the weekly recap email your students get each week and include courses recommended, courses that have been updated in the past week and more.

Content Created Tab

Add an Author Tab to the Learner Profile to display an index page of content created by that specific instructor,  teacher or course creator.

New Course Level Discussions 

Activate conversations at the course level on the Standard, Video and Challenge course types! You can now choose if you want discussions to happen at page level or course level! 

Onboard & Notify

The All-New Course Onboarding Options will enable you to automatically send out a course started email notification message which you can easily customize.

CEU/CPD Credits 
Management System

You can now set up a CEU/CPD points management system with eLearnCommerce.

CSV & JSON Stats Export

You can easily export any report generated in the statistics section of eLearnCommerce and download a JSON or CSV file containing the report data.

Native German Translation

We've translated the whole backend to German. You can now easily switch to German und alles verstehen
if you don't speak english ;-)

Video Course Available Download Icon

Change the available downloads icon on your video courses!

4 New Add-ons included in 1.12


Sell & Upsell your Courses, Content and Memberships!
Integrate Ontraport with eLearnCommerce using PilotPress.


Automate your eLearning Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Seamlessly integrate eLearn Commerce with MailChimp, a well established
and easy to use and setup Email Marketing Service.


Sell & Upsell your Courses, Content and Memberships!

Integrate eLearnCommerce with the Zaxaa Cart & Membership System.


Sell & Upsell your Courses, Content and Memberships!

Integrate eLearnCommerce with aMember.

1.12 New Features Documentation

This Learn Map contains all required documentation to implement, setup and use all the features that were introduced with the eLearn Commerce 1.12 Boston release

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WordPress eLearning Platform Setup & Custom Development Service

Do you need functionality for eLearnCommerce that is not offered out of the box? Do you need an eLearning Platform Setup Service?

What's Next?

Let me just say this!

If you knew what I know, you'd be amazed!

The best is yet to come!

Stay tuned! 

Corrado Izzo
CEO - eLearnCommerce & CodeisCode