New eLearnCommerce features

How to easily Migrate your Content from your previous LMS to eLearnCommerce


1.12 enables you to easily migrate from your previous LMS System to eLearnCommerce with just a couple of clicks. Learn How this works here. 


How to easily Migrate From Any MemberShip Plugin to the Sales Engine


Would you like to move over to the Sales Engine and need to import your Content access rules from your previous Membership Plugin and Membership Site?

eLearnCommerce 1.12 enables you to get the job done in just a few clicks. Learn how here.


How to Create Autologin Links for your eLearning Membership Site


The all-new Autologin links allow your members to easily access your Content without having to log in to your Platform every single time. Learn how to set them up and use them here.



How to track E-Mail Open Rates and E-Mail Engagement Statistics


Your eLearnCommerce Platform sends many types of emails each day.

1.12 brings you statistics on your email open rates. Learn how to track and view those here.


The All-New Student Supervisor Role


The New Student Supervisor Role enables you to assign teachers, coaches or consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site. Learn How



How to add a Learner Directory to any Page


Easily add a learner directory to any page using the User Directory shortcode. Learn How


How to Onboard your Students to a Course and Notify Them


The New Course Onboarding Options will enable you to automatically send out a course started email notification message which you can easily customize. Learn How

How to Track the Time your Students Spend Learning


You can now track how much time a student actually spends on a course! To learn more about this feature, click here.


How to Add a Content Created Tab to the Learner Profile


Learn how you can add an Author Tab to the Learner Profile to display an index page of content created by that instructor, teacher or course creator. click here.



One-click Email Marketing Tagging Batch Processor


This extremely powerful time saving new feature allows you to apply course started and completed tags to all the courses on your eLearning Platform with just a few clicks.

The real kicker is that you can retroactively apply a course started and completed tag to all your students and members as well.

Learn How

This feature is compatible with:

  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign
  • Intercom
  • MailChimp


How to set up a CEU/CPD points management System


Continuing Education Units (CEU) or a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are used as units of measurement in continuing education programs. These units assist students and professionals, earn and/or maintain their current qualifications/licenses.

Learn How to set up a CEU/CPD points management system with eLearnCommerce! Learn how here.

Pagination for the Index Page


Do you have a lot of courses or content on your eLearning platform?

If you do, before 1.12 your index page would wind up to be extremely long.

With 1.12 you can now add pagination to your index Page and limit the number of posts per page! This works on all mobile devices Learn How.

ah, yeah! NO PAGE RELOAD is executed while you navigate the pages.


How to Export Visual Statistics Reports in JSON and CSV format


This now eLearnCommerce feature enables you to export your visual statistics reports with the click of a button! Learn how.

Native German Translation


We've translated the whole backend to German. You can now easily switch to German und alles verstehen if you don't speak english ;-)  Learn How

New Weekly Recap Email Shortcodes


Four new shortcodes have been added to the Weekly Recap Email learn more

Course-Level Discussions on Standard, Video and Challenge Courses


1.12 enables you to activate conversations at the course level on standard, video and challenge course types! Learn more.

New eLearnCommerce Courses features

How to embed Documents such as PDF's, Docs or Powerpoint into One-Off Courses


With 1.12 you can embed documents into your one-off courses. Learn more




Load Content on Demand and ludicrously increase performance


With eLearnCommerce 1.12 comes the capability of loading content on demand!

Under specific circumstances activating this feature will dramatically increase performance. Learn how to set up this option here.

How to Change the Available Downloads Icon on your Video Courses


This new feature enables you to change the available downloads icon on your video courses! Learn How


New eLearnCommerce Assessments features

Assessment Answers Overview


This new feature allows you to see an overview of all the answers to an assessment. Learn how here.

In-Course Assessments explained


1.12 brings you In-Course Assessments which enable you to add assessments at the end of section or modules of your Course. Learn how to use in-course assessments here.


New Retake Assessment Shortcode


This new Shortcode enables you to place a retake assessment button anywhere on your platform Learn More

How to Streamline the Assessment Experience


Assess your students without them leaving the Course. Learn How!.


Teacher Notification on Assessment Grading


1.12 allows you and your teachers/coaches to receive an email notification when an assessment has been graded. Learn how to set this up and use this feature here.


Visual, Graph Reporting for Assessments


Now you can view and download graph reports for your assessments. Learn more

More New Assessment Options


1.: For assessments with only 1 question, display Submit Answer instead of Submit Answers. Learn How.

2.: Additionally, from the assessments settings on the assessments creation page, you can now disable the option to save answers, as well as hide the assessment title in the success or failed page and add an assessment description. Learn more.

3.: Two types of assessments: Standard and Simple Scoring. Learn how.

4.: New Rating Scale Question Type.

New eLearnCommerce Sales Engine features

How to send a Purchase or Content Access Information Email


This new feature enables you to automatically send a course or membership purchase or access confirmation email to your learners and customers. Learn how to configure that here.


Create Group, Team, Corporate Training membership Subaccounts


The Sales Engine enables you now to create Subaccounts and sell a training membership program to small businesses, teams, groups, and corporations. Learn how to set it up here.


How to Bulk Assign Membership Access Rules


Do you have 100's or 1000's of Users on your WordPress Membership Site which were created with a different or a number of different Membership Solutions?

Each one of these users has specific access rules attached to them which regulate which content they can access and which not.

You want to move to a different membership Solution (The Sales Engine) now but you're stucker than stuck.

1.12 gets you unstuck and out of that nightmare in a few seconds.

This new feature lets you bulk assign your previous access rules to your new eLearnCommerce Platform and the Sales Engine in just a few clicks. Learn how to use this feature here.



Allow Setting a User Role on Purchase of Membership


1.12 lets you automatically set user roles to change with the purchase or expiration of a membership. Learn how to set it up here.


Migration Wizard - Importing Access Rules from Third Parties


Migrating from another Membership Plugin to the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine?

The 1.12 migration wizard makes it super simple to import access rules from a number of third parties. Learn how to get started here.

How to Migrate your previous Membership Sites' Users to the Sales Engine using a CSV


The new CSV Users Import feature enables you to easily migrate all your users from any Membership Site to the Sales Engine with just a few clicks. Learn how to easily migrate users here.




How to Create a Free Membership using the Sales Engine


With the Sales Engine, you can now create Free Memberships to give your students access to free content, but still require them to have an account! Learn how.


How to integrate the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine with AffiliateWP


The eLearnCommerce Sales Engine integrates natively with AffiliateWP now Learn how to set it up


New Personalized Learning Module features

Learning Channel - Option to See who's Taking Part in the Conversation


The PLM enables you to create 1:1 and Group Conversations on your Platform.

This new feature allows participants of a Group Learning Channel to see who's taking part in the conversation.

As an admin, you get detailed Conversation statistics. Learn how to see these statistics here.

Submenu your Learning Channels by organizing them into Buckets


With eLearnCommerce 1.12 you can organize your learning channels into buckets to display fewer tabs in the learner profile. Learn how.

How to enable, disable and structure PLM Learning Channel Discussions


In 1.12 you can enable, disable and structure PLM Learning Channel Discussions Learn How

New Detailed KPI & PLM Statistics


Easily access, view, evaluate and download Last Activity and KPI statistics of every single Participant. Learn How


New Zaxaa Integration Addon

How to Integrate Zaxaa with eLearnCommerce


Do you use Zaxaa? You can easily integrate it with eLearnCommerce now. Learn how here.


eLearnCommerce - Zaxaa integration


New Mailchimp Integration Addon

How to Integrate Mailchimp with eLearnCommerce


Easily integrate eLearnCommerce with MailChimp! Learn how to set this up here.


eLearnCommerce - MailChimp integration

New OntraPort (PilotPress) Integration Addon

How to Integrate Ontraport with eLearnCommerce


You can now easily integrate Ontraport with eLearnCommerce! Learn how to set up this powerful integration here.


eLearnCommerce - Ontraport (PilotPress) integration

New Amember Integration Addon

How to Integrate Amember with eLearnCommerce


You can easily integrate eLearnCommerce with Amember. Learn how to use this integration here.

eLearnCommerce - aMember integration