Introduces the
Trailblazing & Without Equal

>Personalized Learning Module<

This New Extension Module enables you to tackle 1:1 or Group coaching, consulting and teaching scenarios like only the top 1% teaching & training companies with big tech-budgets can.

Set up Virtual Classrooms, Private Areas & Personalized Learning Environments for every single Learner or Groups of Learners on your eLearning Platform.

Publish tailor-made Content & Courses for specific learners or Groups of Learners and deliver support, service, and assistance to your Clients or Members the super-high value way.

Have private, secure and real-time live Chats & Conversations with each Student or with Groups of Students.

Both Learner and Teacher can easily share Files between each other, publish private action plans, call replays, share links from around the web and more.

Designate multiple Coaches, Consultants or Teachers to specific Learners or Groups of Learners without giving them full admin access to your Site.


The Stunning Design which looks and performs great on and from any device increases the Perceived Value of your learning opportunity.


All Learning related activities centrally organized and managed on one single page thru which your Learners access your Elearning Platform.


No coding skills required! Copy & paste is all it takes! Just paste ONE Shortcode onto any WordPress Page and it’s there & working.


Set up a Virtual Classroom for each Student or a Group of Students. Personalize & Brand every relevant aspect of the Learning Experience.


Private, secure 1:1 or Group Conversations. NO PAGE RELOAD IS NECESSARY New Comments are visible immediately.


Publish and/or Drip-Feed Tailor-Made Private Content, Courses, Lessons, Files and Action Plans for specific Learners or Groups of Students.


Learner and Teacher get notified by email each time a conversation is updated. Enable/Disable Notifications & personalize the Email Message.


Nothing gets ever lost. A dedicated Search Box enables your Learners to easily and quickly search through the Conversation History.


No matter if you’re on mobile, your tablet or on your Desktop Computer. All Personalized Learning Features work flawlessly everywhere.


Create & Personalize both Name and Filter icons. Categorize and Order your Conversation into Topics or Learning Program Objectives.


Create a Private Library area or Files Repository on your Platform. Both Learner & Teacher can upload and exchange Files 1:1 or with a Group.


Assign Teachers, Coaches or Consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site.


> Lock in the discounted price now before it’s gone <

Turn your eLearning Platform into a Youtube for Learning Content and Broadcast your Knowledge
to the World!


The Knowledge Broadcaster Module

This New Extension Module enables you to transform your eLearning Platform into a Learning Content Hosting and Knowledge Broadcasting Station.

It basically turns your eLearning Platform and Brand into a Youtube for Courses and Learning.

With the same ease you grab an embed link from Youtube to display a Video anywhere on the Web; you can now do the same thing with any Learning Content you published on your eLearning Platform.

Just grab the embed code and paste it to any website Online to display your eLearn Commerce Courses, Ebooks, Videos, Offers, Learning Content Library Index Pages and a lot more…

Your eLearn Commerce Powered eLearning Platform becomes the center of your Learning Opportunity Universe.

Set up 1 eLearning platform then display your Content across 100’s or 1000’s of Sites or just in your private Learning and Knowledge Network.

Give anyone visiting your Site the ability to share your Courses anywhere on the web.

FB-Pixel anyone viewing your Learning Content.

Updating Content on your Host Site will automatically update the Content on your Display Site(s) as well. This means you can potentially update 1000’s of Courses in just a few seconds.

Publish Member Magnet Courses and require Visitors to subscribe to consume your Learning Content; All that without leaving the display Site.

Save time, money, multiply yourself x1000 and amplify engagement to the moon and back!

Now pause for a moment and Imagine the Possibilities!


Embed & Display your Courses, Ebooks, Videos, Offers, Learning Content Library Index Pages and a lot more anywhere Online.


Require Visitors to subscribe to your Host Site before accessing and consuming your Content; All that without leaving the display Site.


Learners will be able to seamlessly navigate your Learning Content on the display sites and not know that it is hosted on another Site.


Works with ALL Page builders! Use Thrive Architect, Divi, Elementor + more to build your own Custom Layouts & Learning Environments.


Set up one Learning Content Host Site then embed & display it across 1000’s of Sites. Host-Site Content Updates Propagate to all Display Sites.


Become a Learning Content Provider! You Host the Content on your Site then Partner with Blog Owners that’ll pay you to display it on their Site.


Create more Value for your Market by adding Knowledge & Information Product Delivery to your Physical and/or Digital Product Sales Process.


Embed Member Magnet Courses into Articles, Sales, Landing Pages, and Blogs. FB Pixel anyone viewing your Learning Content then follow up.


Education & Learning are maybe THE most effective forms of advertising. Make both part of your Acquisition Process to Increase Conversions.

Works with All WP-Pagebuilders


> Lock in the discounted price now before it’s gone <

Brand-New Dashboard

1.10 boasts a completely redesigned Dashboard giving you a clear overview of all the options and settings you have at your disposal to create, set up and mantain your eLearning Platform.

Student Identification ID & Report

A unique student identifier (SID) is typically a number or code assigned to students enrolled in public schools that allow government & state education agencies, districts, schools, collegiate institutions, researchers, and others to monitor, track, organize, and transfer student records more efficiently and reliably.

You can now assign a unique SID for each one of your Students and allow them to add it autonomously to their learner profile on your eLearning Platform.

Easily export a .CSV report containing your Students first name, last name, course completion date, the unique Course Identifier (CID), the number of course hours, the unique student identifier and forward it to the government or state education agency.

Automatized CSS Conversion

Now without becoming too technical let me just say that we’ve made a major “invisible” improvement in this Update.

In 1.10 we’ve refactored over 40.000 lines of CSS code.

CSS basically generates all the “visible” User Interface design.

The stuff you click on, the buttons, the layouts, the colors etc.

Why did we do this?

To pave the way for amazing new features in the coming updates and to keep improving upon stability and compatibility with third-party systems and software and more importantly…

…to create a solid new standard.

Now that we’ve “standardized” we can next, “amplify” and create extraordinary things for you and your learning & teaching organization.

You’ll see in the months ahead ????

What else?

We’ve also built a mechanism that will automatically Convert any Custom CSS you added to the new Standard. (Techies and not only Techies will appreciate this a lot)

This, in essence, safeguards your eLearning Platform against “visible issues” during this major Version update.

We’ve also added a Tool for you that will convert any CSS Code you added before 1.10 to the new 1.10 standard. (find it under Platform Health –> Tools)

Use it if you did NOT add your Custom CSS into the Custom CSS Field under Settings.

If you’ve added your Custom CSS into the Custom CSS Field under Settings then…

NO ACTION is required on your part.

Just sit back and relax!

It’ll be automatically converted during the Version upgrade process.

3 NEW Addons

to Acquire, Engage, Retain, Award, Gamify, Convert & Generate more Sales.

Acquire, engage and retain your Students and Learners

This new Addon lets you integrate eLearn Commerce with Intercom, a Platform that enables you to structure, personalize and automate the Conversation you’re having with your Audience.

The eLearn Commerce Intercom Integration Addon offers you a series of tags that you can use to trigger the Personalized Messages you’ve created in your Intercom account.

These triggers or so-called “Tags” are strategically placed within the eLearn Commerce Framework and are goal, behavior, and action based.

Learn More about this Integration

Create a Gamified Learning Experience on your Platform Today!

This Freshly released new Addon enables you to integrate eLearn Commerce with WPAchievements.

A powerful Plugin that lets you easily create and manage achievements, quests, ranks and issue shareable badges as your learners succeed thru your Courses.

As your Learners progress, they’ll earn digital badges they can share anywhere, from Facebook, Linked In or Twitter, to their own blog or resume.

You have 7 different achievement triggers at your disposal to gamify your eLearning experience.

Learn More about this Integration

Use Social Proof to Increase Conversions, raise credibility and generate more Sales.

This Addon lets you integrate eLearn Commerce with WPFomify. A super-effective plugin that enables you to use the Social Proof Lever to boost Conversions, raise credibility and generate more Sales.

It achieves that by adding notifications at the bottom of the screen on the frontend of your site displaying real-time learner activity for the whole world to see.

This Real Time Learner Activity increases not only conversions but will also raise the credibility of your website, just like a queue outside a restaurant.

This Integration Addon + WpFomify will enable you to display the following learner activities: Course purchased, started, enrolled, completed, lesson completed, assessment started, completed, failed, pending review.

Learn More about this Integration

WordPress eLearning Platform Setup and Custom Development Service

Do you need functionality for eLearn Commerce that that is not offered out of the box?
Do you need an eLearning Platform Setup Service?

What's next?

We’re already working on eLearn Commerce 1.11 and it will not be long before we’ll deliver it to you.

We’ll do our best and more to break new ground and blaze new trails again, always driven by the desire to create new & better Learning & Teaching Vehicles.

Besides a whole range of new features and new Integrations our main focus will be on furthering Personalized Learning and Knowledge Broadcasting.

The Development RoadMaps on these two Extension Modules just started with these first two releases today.

We see both the Personalized Learning and The Knowledge Broadcaster Module as “independent” Solutions aimed at Professionals & Organizations with very specific needs.

In the coming Versions of both these Modules we’ll address these needs and provide tools that will enable you to create outstanding Personalized Learning Experiences for your Students on your own independent eLearning Platform.

If you’re a Coach, Consultant or Teacher and need to create 1:1 or Group Learning Experiences,

if you’d like to broadcast your Knowledge to the World in highly efficient ways,

then i suggest you get the Modules now before the special, just for you, introductoryprice goes away.

It has been an intense 2017 for us, not a single day passed by without working on and thinking about eLearn Commerce (The eLearning Platform for WordPress) and what to do next to add Massive Value to it.

We’ve accomplished more than we’ve set out to accomplish and rest assured we’ll stay on this Course.

It’s fun!

but not only that!

It’s meaningful!

Learning & Teaching are Key to creating a new, better or different tomorrow.

Without Learning No Change!

Without Learning No Growth!

Without Teaching No Learning!

As long as humans will walk this planet learning & teaching will always be an essential part of the game and I firmly believe that the good stuff is yet to come.

That’s it for today!

Now Go create Massive Value!

All the best
Corrado Izzo
CEO & Founder