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Automate your eLearning Marketing with ConvertKit.

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About this Integration

This Addon enables you to seemlessly integrate eLearnCommerce with Convertkit a very powerful and easy to use and setup Marketing Automation Service.

Integrating eLearnCommerce with Convertkit makes it possible for you to create an Interactive and Integrated Learning Experience for your Students.

Convertkit enables you to Automate and Personalize your Course Members’ Learning Experience and the Teacher Student Interaction through Convertkit Tag Management.

With this Addon + eLearnCommerce you can:

  • - Tag a Student when he completes a Lesson.
  • - Tag a Student when he completes a Section or Module.
  • - Tag a Student when he completes a Course.
  • - Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Pending.
  • - Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Pending Review.
  • - Tag a Student when his Assessment Status is: Completed.
  • - Tag a Student when he Failed the Assessment.

You can easily set these tags while creating our Courses in eLearCommerce.

This eLearnCommerce Addon will syncronize all tags you create in your ConvertKit Account and offer you to optionally auto-complete them upon text entry.

If your an Advanced User and/or eLearning Platform Developer we’ve added a General Class that allows you to easily add more tags.

This Addon includes an ConvertKit - eLearn Commerce Connection Safeguard and will track and alert you in case of connection errors.

Start Upselling your Execution Plans or Courses using the ConvertKit Plugin for WordPress.

The ConvertKit Integration is included in the following Licenses:

Platform Commerce Professional
Full Stack Platform Enterprise