Course Types

Execution Plan

Execution Plan

Ep’s / Execution Plans – What is an EP? An Ep is in essence a Checklist.

Although you can use the EP Course Type to create any kind of Online Course it’s intended use is to deliver knowledge in it’s condensed and actionable form…

Execution Plan Unfolded

Execution Plan Unfolded – The difference between The Execution Plan and the Execution Plan unfolded Course Type is that in the first each lesson can be closed and opened and in the latter each lesson is already opened i.e unfolded…

Standard Course

Standard Course – The Standard Course Type is the most widely used format to deliver Knowledge online today.

It enables you to reproduce virtually the teaching setting you know from School or University or from any other physical world teaching scenario. The Teacher stands before a group of students and teaches…

Video Course

Video Course – The Video Course Type allows you to deliver a Course that is in VideoFormat only.

Courses in General are composed of Modules or Sections each Module or Section having Lessons…

One-Off Course

Sometimes you just want to create a Standalone Course on your ELearning Platform that is composed of a Single Lesson Only.

The One-Off Course Type enables you to do just that. Nothing More Nothing Less…

Learn Map

Learning something is like walking along a path and to find your path and arrive at destination your Students need a Map.

A map by definition is a graphical representation of a given territory and contains markers, waypoints, milestones and destinations.

The Learn Map Course Layout enables you to visually trace a clear, step by step Learning Route…


Easily create a daily, weekly or monthly Challenge and use eLearn Commerce’s native Drip Feeding & Content Timing Options to release each challenge to your Audience.

Automate the Conversation and Follow up by integrating eLearn Commerce with your Email Marketing Automation Service Provider or WordPress Membership Plugin of choice and tag your Members or Students as they progress thru the Challenge.

The Engagement boosting social sharing features of the Challenge Course Type will allow your Members to easily share it on their Social Networks.

Add checklists to each Challenge and track overall progress through eLearn Commerce's powerful and in-depth Analytics.

Focus Course

The Focus Course Type enables you to create a distraction-free learning experience on your eLearnCommerce Platform.

The Focus Course is composed of two main elements: 

1.: The Course Curriculum 
2.: The Course itself with all Sections and Lessons

You'll use the course curriculum to present your course to your learners. You will add a Course and learning objectives Summary here and all the sections and lessons your course is composed of are listed here as well. 

Through the Course Curriculum your learners can directly access all the Lessons your Course is composed of. 


This Addon enables you to create and publish SCORM Standard conformant Courses on your eLearn Commerce powered eLearning Platform.
It does it by adding a new Course Type into which you can upload a SCORM 1.2 Course zip file.

The AddOn also allows you to connect to the Scorm Cloud Service, through their API turning your Website into a SCORM Course Content Host.