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The Challenge Course Type enables you to easily create, publish and host Online Challenges on your eLearn Commerce powered eLearning Platform.

Setup a daily, weekly or monthly Challenge and use eLearn Commerce's native Drip Feeding & Content Timing Options to release each challenge to your Audience.

Automate the Conversation and Follow up by integrating eLearn Commerce with your Email Marketing Automation Service Provider or WordPress Membership Plugin of choice and tag your Members or Students as they progress thru the Challenge.

The Engagement boosting social sharing features of the Challenge Course Type will allow your Members to easily share it on their Social Networks.

Add checklists to each Challenge and track overall progress through eLearn Commerce's powerful and in-depth Analytics.

By using the Member Magnet option, native to eLearn Commerce, you can use a Challenge Course as a Lead Magnet too, allowing access in exchange for an email signup.

As all other Course Types also the Challenge Course Type is Cross-Device and Cross-Browser optimized and therefore looks and performs great anywhere.

We challenge you to create your first challenge course today!

Learn how to use and setup the Challenge Course Type here