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The Focus Course Type enables you to create a distraction-free learning experience on your eLearnCommerce Platform.

The Focus Course is composed of two main elements: 

1.: The Course Curriculum 
2.: The Course itself with all Sections and Lessons

You'll use the course curriculum to present your course to your learners. You will add a Course and learning objectives Summary here and all the sections and lessons your course is composed of are listed here as well. 

Through the Course Curriculum your learners can directly access all the Lessons your Course is composed of. 

The Course itself will take over the whole width of the browser window and that's why this course type is called Focus. There is nothing that will distract your learners from going through your Course Material here. 

Everything your students will see when they open a Course you built on your Platform using the Focus Course Type is about learning.

The only navigational items in view are the ones that help the learner to go through your course like going from one lesson to the next or jumping back into the conversations and comments section below each lesson.

Navigating this course is very easy. Your students can navigate back and forth between the course curriculum and the course with one click.

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