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Learning something is like walking along a path and to find your path and arrive at destination your Students need a Map.

A map by definition is a graphical representation of a given territory and contains markers, waypoints, milestones and destinations.

The Learn Map Course Layout enables you to visually trace a clear, step by step Learning Route. This can make a huge difference in terms of learning performance and the quality of the learning experience your Students are having.

The Learn Map is an evolution of the Execution Plan Course Layout and like an EP the Learn Map is in essence a Checklist.

Your Students will be able to track their progress, know where they are along the Learning Route, feel a sense of accomplishment by checking off the lessons they already went thru, continue where they left off and rinse and repeat the whole process if they choose to.

You as the teacher will be able to see where your students are along the Learning Route, track their progress and engage with your students at any point.

This is how it Works:

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