One-Off Course

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Sometimes you just want to create a Standalone Course on your eLearning Platform that is composed of a Single Lesson Only. 

The One-Off Course Type enables you to do just that. Nothing More Nothing Less.

Your One Lesson Course can be a Video, it can be a Text, it can contain images, downloadables or all those elements combined. 

Use this Course Type to create additional Lessons to your existing Courses, the Knowledge Pill of the Week or Month Series, What’s Working Now or Office Hours Screencast Recordings packaged as a Course or to share the very latest Winning Strategy.  

Like with any other Course on your eLearning Platform your Students will go thru it and are required to set a checkmark once they completed it. This enables you as the teacher to keep track of their Progress.

This is how it looks:

This is how it looks & works:

[wpep_course id="123507" layout-padding="0" layout-box-shadow="0 0 0"]