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Hi, My Name is Corrado Izzo and I am the CEO of

In this brief Execution Plan Unfolded (what is an Execution Unfolded? learn more) I am going to show you how to create and Setup the most important piece of your Membership Site or eLearning Platform.

Your Index Page.

We also call the Index Page: Information and Knowledge Treasure Chest.  In essence, it's a central location on your Wordpress Site displaying a library and Archive of all your “Content Values” which can be Courses, Videos, Ebooks, and Offers.

"Your Index Page is in a literal sense the Heart that makes your Membership Site Beat."

In the same way that a drop of blood must sooner or later return to the heart so your Members must and will return to it in order to access your Content Values.

I, therefore, recommend spending some time on this and focus on creating an Index Page that has a higher perceived Value from the point of view of your Audience. Create some great Content and make it your mission to keep on adding highly valuable Content to it and your Members will want to keep their access to your library of Content Values longer.

I will go into the Powerful Psychological and Member Retention Factors that are at play here in a different Execution Plan very soon.

Let me show you how easy it is for you to Create, Setup and Customize Your Index Page.

How to get the most out of this Execution Plan

Follow these tips to get the most Value out of this Learning Experience.

1: Go through each Lesson of this Execution Plan starting from the top - The Knowledge in this Execution Plan is organized in a sequential manner. Avoid skipping Lessons and go through this entire EP at least once before executing any steps.

2: Get Support - If you own a eLearnCommerce License join the eLearnCommerce Implementation Support Group on Facebook. Here you can network with other Members which are creating course sales and eLearning membership sites, developing their Institute, academy or school online.

It's a great place to get your questions answered, contribute in meaningful ways to help the other Members overcome challenges and celebrate wins and achievements together.

Do this to ready yourself

Spend 2 minutes to go thru the entire Execution Plan once in order to gain an overview. Once you've done that you'll need to add your Content. If you do not add Content you got nothing to setup.

Content = Your Courses, Your Ebooks, Your Videos, Your Offers.

Go to eLearnCommerce Settings ---> Index Page ---> General Options and Write the Main Heading and Sub Heading.

Then Add Your Courses, Ebooks, Offers and Video Content then Create Your Categories and then assign your Content to the Categories you created.

How to add a Course in eLearnCommerce? Learn how to Create a Course with eLearnCommerce in under 60 seconds Here

Categories in eLearnCommerce work exactly like the Categories in Wordpress...How to add eLearnCommerce Categories? Learn it here

After you've done with that you're ready to Create and Publish your Index Page.

The Basic Elements of an Index Page

An Index Page is composed of the following Elements: The Header Area which includes a Headline and a Subheadline, The Categories which in essence enables you to Categorize your Content and which enables your Members to Navigate Your Content, The Content Area which displays all the different Content Types available.

The Two Methods to create your Index Page

eLearnCommerce allows you to Generate and Create an Unlimited Number of Index Pages.

There are two basic methods to Create Index pages in eLearnCommerce.

Method 1.: by Setting (Very Fast!) and Method 2.: by Shortcode. (Customization Heaven!)

If you choose Method 1 eLearnCommerce will dynamically create and automatically populate your Index Page for you as you keep adding and categorizing your Content.

Method 2 allows you to create your very own Index Page and literally design one yourself by building it up Section by Section.

How to Setup Your Index Page by Setting (Method 1)

Index Page Setup Fastlane

The Fastest Way to Setup your Index Page is by Setting in the eLearnCommerce Settings.

Get there quick by following these Steps:

1.: Create a generic WordPress Page and name it lab, library, hub or any other name.

2.: Login to your WordPress website, and visit the wp-admin.

3.: Locate eLearnCommerce on the lefthand WP menu, and chose the eLearnCommerce Settings page

4.: Visit the Index Page Settings tab.

5.: Select the Page you just created or any other page where you want to display your eLearnCommerce Index Page.

6.: You’re all set, you can now proceed and personalize your eLearnCommerce Index Page Layout, if you choose to do so proceed to step.

7.: And Click on the General Tab and after that on the Design Options.

8.: You can now personalize the Layout of your Index Page.DONE!

A little advice for you

In most cases Method, 1 will give you a great Looking Index Page in no time.

If you'd like to Create Your Very Own Index Page Layout Choose Method 2.

How to Customize Index Library page (Method 2)

Step1:Navigate to the eLearnCommerce Index Page shortcode builder

You can also get to the index page shortcode from all text fields on your WordPress site.

Just click the red cogwheel icon and choose Index Page and the Visual Shortcode Builder will load.

Again...these are the sets of Configurable Options

NOTE! We're continuously adding options!

Configuration Option 1: Display Header

Configuration Option 2: Category Navigation

Configuration Option 3: Categories

Choose which ones you want to activate and which not.

Configuration Option 4: Courses Per Row

Configuration Option 5: Videos Per Row

Configuration Option 6: Ebooks Per Row

Configuration Option 7: Offers Per Row

Configuration Option 8: Background

Configuration Option 9: Padding

Configuration Option 10: Box Shadow

Step3: Copy and Paste it to any Wordpress Page

After your finish configuring your index page setting click Copy & Close

Go and edit your page

1.: Paste the code

2.: Click Update


>>STOP! STOP! STOP! Stop for a Moment here at this point and contemplate the Power & Choice this gives you.<<

Do this:

Before you start, be clear on how many and what kind of Sections your Index Page is composed of.

Could be 3, could be 6, could be 9 or even 15.

Let's just say it's 6 for now and let's say that Section 1 is the Header, Section 2 are Categories x,y, and b, Section 3 are my Ebooks, Section 4 are my Deals and Offers, Section 5 are Execution Plans and Section 6 are my Webinar or Coaching Call Recordings.

All I do now is to create a Shortcode for each one of these sections and just paste them in sequence onto any Wordpress Page and...


My Super Awesome Index Page looks and is structured exactly as I want it to and the great thing is that I can build as many Index Pages as I want on my Wordpress using this Method.

Is eLearnCommerce Awesome or is eLearnCommerce Awesome? ;-) The Answer is YES!

Let me show you some before and after states of each Index page Element customized with the Index Page Builder Shortcode.

Before and After (Method 2)


Category Navigation

Category Activated





Now Go Create Massive Value

To Your Success!