How a Digital Marketer Built a 7 Figure eLearnCommerce Platform in 2 Days!

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A behind the scenes look at the surprisingly simple Technology used on a Multimillion-Dollar Information product Launch

eLearnCommerce CTO Robert Rusu interviews Doru Pelivan founder of the Kiwi Digital Marketing Agency and creator of multiple 7 Figure Selling Information Products.

Let’s peek behind the scenes together and learn to create an eLearning Membership Site on WordPress without a Membership Plugin.


Setting a professional online education platform up on WordPress is NOT impossible, complicated, or time-consuming.

Doru Pelivan and the Platform he set up in only 2 days is a living testimony to this truth.


There is an excellent quote by Antoine St. Exupery, and it goes like this:

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


Doru Pelivan practiced precisely this, and he’ll show in the video how he went about it.

He uses eLearnCommerce, the most complete LMS for WordPress and a couple of other Plugins.

That’s all he needed to deploy his 7 Figure eLearnCommerce Platform.


eLearnCommerce enabled him to go from idea to done in 2 days!

Don’t believe me?

You’ll see for yourself!


The Platform we’re looking at today is where Doru and his team of Mentors guide and teach 1000’s of students how to build an eCommerce business that leverages the number 1 retailer on the Planet, Amazon.


Here’s the real kicker!

If you’re building an eLearning Membership Site on WordPress, you’ll want to use a WordPress Membership Plugin correct?


With eLearnCommerce you don’t need that!

Doru did not use one, and in the video, he’ll show you how he made it happen using a specific native eLearnCommerce feature.


In this Interview, Doru will demonstrate that:

  • Setup of the eLearnCommerce platform is simple.
  • No membership plugin is required.
  • Setup of the eLearnCommerce platform is quick. (2 days it’s all it takes)
  • It works & functions well, and you can modify your courses whenever you like.
  • The budget required for tech is ridiculously low.


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Tech-Stack used on this 7 Figure Launch


Enough talking!

Enjoy the Interview!



During the Interview eLearnCommerce is referenced as WPEP which was the previous name of – The most complete LMS for WordPress.


All the best
Corrado Izzo
CEO – eLearnCommerce

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