Due to Popular Demand and these 2 Things…

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I’ll keep this very short!


Due to popular demand, we decided to extend the End of WPEP 50% Off Sale until March 31st, 2019.

A lot of customers didn’t make it yet to purchase WPEP and we don’t want to shut them out.

Sales are happening while I’m writing this and very many are still in the pipeline.

Every Sale is very meaningful to us.

New Online Schools, Institutes and Academies will be created with the tool we put so much love, time and effort in to create.

Millions of lives will be touched by the Knowledge that will be delivered with WPEP every new day.

So, the decision was an easy one!

We can keep the doors open for 4 more weeks!

No problem at all.

But, there’s more…


What about the relaunch of WPEP?


The rebrand and relaunch will happen after March 31st during the first week of April!

March 31st is THE LAST CHANCE Date to get in on the End of WPEP 50% Off Sale!

After the 31st ALL changes to the pricing structure and model I mentioned here will take place.

This site and domain you’re on right now will go offline and we’ll switch over to our new home and brand.

Learn all about the Changes that will take place after March 31st:

Announcing the End of WPEP and the beginning of… 


What happens during the next 4 weeks?


Until March 31st…

…2 things will happen.


  1. We’ll be releasing an extensive Training and Live Demo of the Personalized Learning Module on the GLT Institute.
  2. We’ll be launching a very special eLearning Platform we secretly built that showcases the awesome Power of WPEP.


You will be stunned, I promise. 🙂


All the best
Corrado Izzo