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[Official Announcement] eLearnCommerce 1.13 New York is coming!

Corrado Izzo

September 23, 2019

Corrado Izzo

September 23, 2019




Freedom from the past was promised to all who entered.

Freedom from the restrictive rules and impossibilities of the old world.

Freedom from limited, outdated, and oppressive paradigms of thought and order.

New York was regarded as the place to begin life anew.

New York was the gateway to the New World.

Our New World is New Education Land, and you are the explorer and pioneer of these uncharted lands.

eLearnCommerce, your vehicle to spark growth through learning and teaching in whichever market you decide to plant your flag.




[Official Announcement from the Frontline]

Our next big Version Update

eLearnCommerce 1.13 will be called “New York.”




Because there’s no other city on planet earth that is like her.


New York is unique…

…and so are the features that will be contained in this upcoming release of the eLearnCommerce Knowledge Delivery Platform.


Our 1.12 Boston release was about Independence.

The 1.13 New York release will be about Freedom.


Massive Freedom!


Most importantly, freedom to create and deliver new types of Coaching and Teaching Services to your clients.

Freedom to use a Platform like eLearnCommerce where things snap together and…

….everything is made out of one piece!

Freedom from Frankensteining of LMS + X-number of Plugins together that give you only half of what you need and…

…which are a scaling and maintenance nightmare.


What is coming?


Your Platform Your Way!

The features we got coming for you?

Only the huge platforms we all know and use every day and the online education platforms of the top 1% teaching and training companies have similar capabilities as will be contained in 1.13.


I am talking “Top of the Heap” here!


1.13 will be all about PERFORMANCE! + a lot more!


We have no ETA yet, at least that’s the official statement, but rest assured…

…it’ll make you and your knowledge business powerful beyond measure.


Total Independence!


Total Freedom!


Most importantly, it will make you and your Online business —> unique!


Like New York!


I’ve got more news for you very soon.


Stay tuned pioneer!


eLearnCommerce is with you every step of the way.


All the best
Corrado Izzo

CEO – eLearnCommerce

About the author 

Corrado Izzo

I am the Founder and CEO of CodeisCode.com. I am a Knowledge Marketer, Coach, Consultant and Online Business Owner and we run Live and Online Training Courses and Seminars in our Business.

As I approached Online Knowledge Delivery i looked around and with great frustration i found no Solution that would be quick, easy and simple to use and implement and when i say quick i mean 5 minutes quick, learning curve included.

All i found was so unnecessarily complicated…only the SAAS Solutions got it right!

I just wanted to be able to deliver Knowledge to my Audience, Sell my Courses and Create Online Learning Environments on my WordPress Website and i wanted to achieve this end result on my own in just a few minutes each time. 

And so after i spent days trying to figure out how to accomplish that with all the available solutions out there without success i decided to build it from scratch myself exactly the way i wanted it to work. 

I want Quick…I want Low Hassle…I want it to work Immediately…I want it to be Intuitive…I don’t want to learn a completely new way of doing things and i don’t want to hire, pay and be dependant on a Technology Guru to make it work.

As i had to work with it everyday myself including my Non Tech Staff Members i needed it to be easier than easy and a pleasure to work with exactly like the expensive SAAS Solutions out there and with that in mind, in 2014 we went on to create:

WPEP – The eLearning Platform for WordPress which was renamed to eLearnCommerce in 2019.

eLearnCommerce enables you to create anything eLearning on your WordPress Website in just a few clicks no matter if you just want to sell a Single Course Online or if you want to create a Highly Professional Online Learning Environment and Experience for your Students.

eLearnCommerce has the Power & Simplicity of a SAAS Solution but it runs on your Own WordPress Site.

It is Unbelievably Quick, Easy, Simple and Painfree!

That’s my Guarantee!

To your Success
Corrado Izzo

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