Announcing the End of WPEP and the beginning of…

“Change is inevitable Progress is a choice”

It’s time for new beginnings!

We’re rebranding and relaunching WPEP under a new name on February 28th, 2019.

My intention with this post today is to give you the first half of the story and explain to you why we’re ending WPEP!

Towards the end i’ll also tell you what will change in terms of pricing and license availability.

Let’s start with…


Reason #1

We’re ending it simply because WPEP as a name is not promotable!

It was a “working title” from Day 1.

WPEP stands for WordPress eLearning Platform which is more of a description of what it is but as a name it is not brandable.

We can do better and we did!

Reason #2

“What got you here won’t get you there” is the title of a book by the legendary leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith.

I read it many years ago and it was a life-changer for me both personally and professionally.

I bring it up here cause the title says it all!

WPEP as a name got us here but it won’t get us where we plan to be.

It does not help us accomplish our mission.

Therefore, it has to go!

No second thoughts.

Reason #3

While we’re at it let’s be thorough.

A year ago we renamed it to GrowLearnTeach but that name comes with its very own unsolvable “branding” challenges.

We came to accept that, in the end, GrowLearnTeach was only an “interim” name.

Most importantly, Grow Learn Teach as a concept does not match up with where we’re headed with the product.

We’ll keep Grow Learn Teach for a service arm of our business, which I’ll soon unveil, but NOT as the main brand.

More on this later.

Reason #4

Both these names, WPEP and GLT are confusing and require that extra explanation in everyday conversations we have with customers and business partners.

They are not memorable nor immediate.

The new name & brand will leave no room for doubts.

You hear it once, no explanation necessary!

Reason #5 

We’re not “just” an LMS (Learning Management System) for WordPress.

We’re not “only” an eLearning Platform for WordPress.

Learning Management comes as part of the deal and we’re great at it, if not THE best but the story does not end there.

That’s why it would be reductive to market it as “just” an LMS or “only” an eLearning Platform.

Moving forward we’ll consider all aspects of Commerce in our planning of new features.

  • Production, packaging & presentation of your knowledge product values.
  • Sales, marketing & distribution of said values.
  • Management & administration of all content and commerce relevant aspects.
  • Online logistics & delivery of your knowledge product items.

You see?

Selling and Marketing Knowledge is NOT “just” about Management!

That’s why we’re NOT “just” an LMS and NOT “only” an eLearning Platform.

Any name that contains the first or the latter is misleading.

More on this later though!

Reason #6 

WPEP has WP in there.

Just to set the record straight, we love WordPress and it couldn’t be otherwise but let’s face it, WP is an abbreviation known only to WordPress insiders.

It doesn’t mean a thing to an outsider and…

We’re looking to communicate, through our brand, with a wider audience which “initially” might not be that familiar with the WordPress opportunity.

The new name and brand will help us achieve that!


Both names, WPEP and GrowLearnTeach have served us greatly during our Softlaunch phase.

We’re developing the platform since Q1 2014 and we did really well and made a lot of customers, including ourselves very happy.

The new name and brand will enable us to develop the business as a whole and take our whole operation to the next level and beyond.

I will introduce you to it before the end of February 2019.

What will change after Feb. 28th, 2019?

For all existing customers, nothing will change!

Let me repeat.

This name change will not affect current and past WPEP license holders in any way!

The conditions you bought WPEP for will be yours and yours forever as long as your license remains active.

For those who purchase WPEP after Feb. 28th, 2019, under the new name and brand the following 3 things will change.

Change #1

On the 29th of February, we’ll be removing the Personalized Learning and Knowledge Broadcaster Lifetime Licenses.

You can get both these Lifetime Licenses with our End of WPEP 50% off Sale only until the 28th of February 2019.

>> Get the Personalized Learning Module Lifetime License 50% off here. <<


>> Get the Knowledge Broadcaster Module Lifetime License 50% off here. <<


Change #2

We’ll be raising the price of the WPEP Lifetime License and remove it completely soon thereafter (towards the end of the year 2019).

You can still get the WPEP Lifetime License with our End of WPEP 50% off Sale until the 28th of February 2019.

>> Get the WPEP Lifetime License 50% off here. <<


PS.: The WPEP Lifetime License does not contain the PLM and the KB Modules, these need to be purchased separately.

Change #3

We’re raising the prices of the regular Licenses and we’ll be moving to a monthly pricing model.

We’ll do some changes to the License and Product configurations too.

PS.: The end of WPEP 50% Discount applies to the Lifetime Licenses only and cannot be used to purchase the Personal, Business and Developer Licenses.

What else?

We focussed 80%+ of our efforts on product development during this initial soft launch phase which lasted nearly 4 years.

We “consciously” chose to NOT engage in very many activities beyond the development of the software itself.

This will change in a big way.

There are also very many other exciting news and great improvements just waiting around the corner.

I will write about them soon.

All the best
Corrado Izzo

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