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eLearnCommerce Feature Overview, Feature Overview, eLearnCommerce, eLearnCommerce

Blink of an Eye Coursebuilder

Manage the entire Course Creation Process from one single Page.

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Switch Designs with a Single Mouseclick

eLearn Commerce features a 1 Click Course & Content Layout Activation which enables you to effortlessly change the way your Members Area, your Courses and your Content is displayed and presented to your Audience.

Video Jumplinks

Easily Index your long-form videos by adding Jumplinks. Jump links, also known as anchor links, are links that take you to a specific part of a video, instead of the default top location.

Certify Your Students

Easily Create an Online Certificate and Diploma Program on your eLearn Commerce Powered elearning Platform.

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Learning Paths

Personalize the Learning Experience for each one of your Students and avoid teaching them things they already know.

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eLearn Commerce Course Prerequisites enable you to determine in which order you want your Student to go thru your Courses. You can set Course, Lesson and Assessment Based Prerequisites.

Embed Courses into Courses

You can embed a Course into any another Course and anywhere on your WordPress Website.

​100% Cross Browser & Device Compatible

Your Courses will perform and look great on any device and on all Browsers.

Powerful Assessments

eLearn Commerce enables you to add Powerful Assessments to your Courses and Quiz your Students. The Testing Environment Builder gives you full control over the Design of the Testing Journey that your students will go thru.

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​Course Layouts

eLearn Commerce enables you to create the following Course Types, and switch with between them with one click.

1. Execution Plan
2. Execution Plan Unfolded
3. Standard Course
4. Video Course
5. One-Off Course
6. Learn Map
7. Challenge Course
8. Focus Course

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Embed Documents such as PDF’s, Docs or Powerpoint into One-Off Courses

​Load Content on Demand

LCD allows you to choose whether you'd like to load your lesson content on page load or on lesson open. This dramatically increases speed and performance.

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eLearnCommerce Feature Overview, Feature Overview, eLearnCommerce, eLearnCommerce

Content Library Index Page

Generate Unlimited Members Areas and Online Course Portals on the fly, by using our Index Page shortcode, which enables you to customize your membership area to your liking in just a few steps.

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Content Types

eLearn Commerce enables you to create a library of :

1. Courses
2. Videos
3. E-books
4. Offers
5. Assessments
6. List Item

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Course Layouts

Greatly designed Course and Content Layouts right out of the box. Switch between 5 Layouts with 1 single click.

Learner Profile

Create Both Private and Public User Profiles so users can track and share their Course Activity. Private Profiles can be accessed only by currently logged in students. Public Profiles can be accessed by anyone and each Student gets a personalized URL which he can share Online.

Content Migrate + eLearn Commerce Vault

Set and Forget eLearn Commerce Data Vault. Your Content = Value. eLearn Commerce comes with a built in automated Backup Solution which makes it impossible for you to loose anything.

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A dedicated eLearn Commerce Content search which you can place anywhere on your WordPress Site with by simply copying and pasting a Shortcode.

Practical Shortcodes

Create dynamic, engaging and beautiful content the easy way with our shortcodes.

Use Any Media

Insert Videos, Audio Images Text and any other digital file format.

Content to Ebook

Enable your Users to download a PDF Version of the Course and Content they are consuming.

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eLearn Commerce 1.9 supports 805 Google + 16 Web-Safe Font Families. Change Font Family and Font Size across your eLearning Platform with one single click.

Drip Feed & Content Delivery Timing

Fully Control the delivery of your Content by Drip Feeding and / or Restricting Access to it.

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1Click .CSV Content Import

Organize your Course Content in a CSV excel spreadsheet then just import it and your Course, no matter how many lessons or content it contains is there in a matter of seconds.

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Left/Right Sidebar Index Page

Especially suited and developed for eLearning Platforms and Membership Site scenarios with a very high volume and diversity of Content, the Left/Right Sidebar Index Page comes with advanced content categorization, tagging and content filtering options and features.

Visual Shortcode Builder

We’ve turned Shortcode building into a Visual Experience. Build your Shortcode, select all the options and directly see the result it produces in the same window and once you’re happy with the end result only then you copy and paste it onto any page on your WordPress.

​Create and Publish SCORM Courses

Create and publish SCORM Standard conformant Courses on your eLearn Commerce powered eLearning Platform. Connect to the Scorm Cloud Service, through their API turning your Website into a SCORM Course Content Host.

​Continue where you left off Shortcode editing

Re-edit (and live preview) a previously created shortcode!

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​One-Click Data Export of Individual or Multiple Content and Course Types

Back up or migrate a single course or a set of courses but not your entire platform or save a course’s content to use later.

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​Index Page Pagination

Add pagination to your index Page and limit the number of posts per page. Works on all mobile devices.

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Learner Directory Shortcode

Easily add a searchable learner directory to any page using the User Directory shortcode.

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Commerce & Content Marketing

Select Dynamic field

Membership Site Setup

Combine eLearn Commerce with any Premium Membership Plugin for WordPress to create your Membership Site. You can also use the eLearn Commerce Sales Engine Add-on and get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Member Magnet Execution Plans

eLearnCommerce's Member Magnet Option enables you to create Free Courses, ebooks, Offers and Videos and Grant New Members Access to them in exchange for an Email.

Upsell your Content

It has never been so easy to upsell your content within your Membership Site. Set a Membership Upgrade and/or Upsell URL on the Content Level for each single Course, Execution Plan, Ebook or Video Content. eLearn Commerce offers a series of Deep Integration Addons which make setting this up easy like a walk in the park.

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Shopping Cart

The Sales Engine comes with Signup & Checkout Pages that are fully responsive, look great on any mobile device and are proven to convert.

Unlimited Memberships Levels

Using the eLearn Commerce Content Sales Engine create “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, or any other “levels” you want! Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same site.

One-Off Sales

Using the eLearn Commerce Content Sales Engine you can accept One-Off or recurring payments. Start charging for your Content and Courses in less than 2 minutes after you installed it. You can also run a Membership Site and set it all up in under 5 minutes.

Sequential Content Delivery

eLearn Commerce comes with Advanced Drip Feeding and Content Delivery Timing Options out of the box.

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Restrict Content Access

Using the eLearn Commerce Content Sales Engine easily Restrict Access or Grant Access to your Content. Works with any WordPress Custom Post Type, WordPress Page or WordPress Post.

Membership Options & Management

Easily Create Paid Membership Levels. View your current Members and their Status and Membership Level. Upgrade Members and move them to different Levels.

Payment Gateway Integration

Seamlessly integrates with the most popular Online Payment Gateways like: PayPal, Braintree and Stripe.

Full Content Protection

Protect any type of Content you created on your WordPress Site. Restrict, Protect or Grant Free Access to specific Posts, Pages and WordPress Custom Post Types.

Integrates with SamCart, ThriveCart, PayKickstart
and Sendowl

Create and Publish your Courses & Content with eLearn Commerce and then use ALL the features of these 4 very popular and comprehensive Cart Solutions to Sell & Deliver your Content.

Stripe Subscription Synchronization

Sync all your Stripe Subscriptions to your new Membership Site with a single click.

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​Set User Role on Purchase

Automatically set a User Role to change with the purchase or expiration of a membership.

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Create AutoLogin Links

Allow your members to easily access your Content without having to log in to your Site every single time.

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​​Bulk-Assign Membership Access Rules

Bulk assign Content access rules which were created with a different or a number of different Membership Solutions to your new eLearnCommerce Platform and the Sales Engine in just a few clicks.

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Post Purchase or Content Access Notifications

Automatically send a course or membership purchase or access confirmation email to your learners and customers.

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 Create Group, Team, Corporate Training membership Subaccounts

Create Subaccounts and sell a training membership program to small businesses, teams, groups, and corporations.

 Subaccount owners can easily grant and revoke access to people on his team, group or members of his organization.

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Advanced User Reporting & Statistics

Easily track User Progress and Assessment ie. Quizz Results, export statistical Data in .CSV, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and Mac Numbers, but not only that…

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Platform Health

Platform Health Status gives you an overview of the current state of your Learning Platform and the power to immediately spot & fix issues with a single click. It will also continuously check and monitor up to 14 different parameters in the background and immediately report any issues back to you.

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User Roles

The Setup and Management of an eLearning Platform and Online Business is very often a Team Effort and that is why we’ve introduced 5 New Key User Roles in eLearn Commerce 1.9.

Weekly Digest Notifications

Automatically send personalized weekly Digest newsletters to your Students displaying a list of Courses completed that week and the Students’ current Progress.


You can now customize and change the URL Slug for eLearn Commerce Courses, Videos, Ebooks, Offers and Assessments. This means that you can use eLearn Commerce alongside other WordPress Plugins and eliminate Plugin Conflicts.

Cleanup Utilities

Optimize speed and performance of your Site. Clean Up and remove old unused data from your database with one single click. You can also use this to erase all Content when moving and/or migrating from one site to another.

Data & Privacy
GDPR Compliance

eLearn Commerce contains all required data management and general data protection regulation features to render your eLearning Platform, your membership Site and most importantly your online business GDPR compliant.

Track E-Mail Open Rates

Inbuilt E-Mail Open Rates and E-Mail Engagement Statistics tracking. Incl. CSV Export

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​Onboard & Notify Your Students

The Course On-boarding Option enables you to automatically send out a course started email notification message which you can easily customize.

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Learning-Time Tracker

Track how much time students spend on a course as well as how much of that time they actually spend learning in a focused manner. Incl. CSV Export. 

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Inbuilt CEU/CPD points
management system

Continuing Education Units (CEU) or a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are used as units of measurement in continuing education programs.

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​Student Supervisor Role

Assign Teachers, Coaches or Consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site.

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​In-Course Assessments

Create in-course assessments to measure your student's retainment of the knowledge shared as they progress through a course. 

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​Native German Translation

Switch the whole backend to German. We keep adding translation as we add more features.

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One-Click Email Marketing
Tagging Batch Processor

This extremely powerful time saving new feature allows you to apply course started and completed tags to all the courses on your eLearning Platform with just a few clicks. Works retroactively as well and is compatible with:

Aweber, Active Campaign, Drip.co, Intercom,MailChimp

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Export Statistics Reports in CSV & JSON Format

Easily export any report generated in the statistics section of eLearnCommerce and download a JSON or CSV file containing the report data with only one click!

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Weekly Recap Emails Shortcode

Engage your Learners by sending them automated email messages each week giving them an overview on recommended courses, courses that received an update, courses completed + more

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Teacher Notification on  Assessment Grading

Setup Teachers and coaches to receive an automatic email notification when an assessment has been graded.

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Visual Graph Reporting
for Assessments

View and download graph reports
for your assessments.

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Standard & Simple Scoring

Choose between the two main Assessment Scoring Methods. 

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Memberium Integration

This Addon enables you to seamlessly integrate eLearn Commerce with the Memberium Membership
Plugin for WordPress.

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Active Campaign

Seemlessly integrate eLearn Commerce with Active Campaign a very powerful and easy to use and setup Marketing Automation Service.

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Integrate eLearn Commerce with Badge OS a powerful Free Plugin that lets you easily create achievements and issue shareable badges as your users succeed thru your Courses.

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WordPress Multi Site

Combine eLearn Commerce with the tremendous power of Multisite and centrally manage your Network of E-Learning Sites.

​RTL Support

Use eLearn Commerce with RTL Languages like Arabic,Persian and Hebrew. eLearn Commerce RTL works by including an extra CSS file, specially designed to add the required styles for RTL, this file can be fully customized within the theme files if needed.

Brand & Customize “Color”

Customize your Frontend Colors in a snap with this point and click Color Picker.

​Use Any WordPress Theme

eLearn Commerce works with any Premium and/or well coded WordPress Theme, no custom coding needed to get your E-Learning Platform running.

Use any Pagebuilder

You can use any Page builder and use the eLearn Commerce Shortcodes to create and design your learning experiences.

​Popular WordPress Plugin Integrations

eLearn Commerce allows you to quickly and easily integrate with some essential third party WP Plugins through our optional and Free Add-Ons.

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Native AffiliateWP Integration

Create an Affiliate Program on your Platform by integrating the eLearnCommerce
Sales Engine with AffiliateWP.

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Coach, Consult & Teach

Superior Experience

The Stunning Design which looks and performs great on and from any device increases the Perceived Value of your learning opportunity.

All In One Place

All Learning related activities centrally organized and managed on one single page thru which your Learners access your elearning Platform.

Out of the Box Easy

No coding skills required! Copy & paste is all it takes! Just paste ONE Shortcode onto any WordPress Page and it’s there & working.

Personalize Learning

Set up a Virtual Classroom for each individual Student or for a Group of Students. Personalize & Brand every relevant aspect of the Learning Experience. Assign Specific & Private Learning Content & Courses.

​Live Conversations

Private, secure 1:1 or Group Conversations. No Page Reload is Necessary; New Comments are visible immediately on any device. incl. Option to See who's Taking Part in the Conversation.

Private Content

Publish and/or Drip-Feed Tailor-Made Private Content, Courses, Lessons, Files and Action Plans for specific Learners or Groups of Students.

​Email Notifications

Learner and Teacher get notified by email each time a conversation is updated. Enable/Disable Notifications & personalize the Email Message.

Conversation Search

Nothing gets ever lost. A dedicated Search Box enables your Learners to easily and quickly search through the Conversation History.

Works on any Device

No matter if you’re on mobile, your tablet or on your Desktop Computer. All Personalized Learning Features work flawlessly everywhere.

Conversation Filters

Create & Personalize both Name and Filter icons. Categorize and Order your Conversation into Topics or Learning Program Objectives.

​File Uploads

Create a Private Library area or Files Repository on your Platform. Both Learner & Teacher can upload and exchange Files 1:1 or with a Group.

​Designate Teachers

Assign Teachers, Coaches or Consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site.

​Key Performance Indicator Tracking

KPI’s allow you to track these achievements & results over time for everyone to see. You can display them on a learning channel in the Learner Profile using the Personalized Learning Module.

​One Page Multiple
Conversations Management

Manage all Conversations on one single Page.

Turn your Platform into a Live Event location on the Internet

Host live events like webinars and other embeddable Events on your Facebook Learner Profile and how you can easily brand it to your own domain.

Tailor Made Course & Content Publishing & Service Delivery

Publish tailor-made Content & Courses for specific learners or Groups of Learners and deliver support, service, and assistance to your Clients or Members.

Hands Off Sales Automation

Sell your courses, content, memberships,
1 on 1 or group coaching, consulting and teaching packages from a Facebook Like Profile Page in an automated fashion
directly from your own WordPress Site.

Amplify and Boost your Sales

Integrate the PLM capabilities into an already existing and running Membership site with 100’s or even 1000’s of Members and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

Broadcast your Knowledge

Embed your Content Anywhere on the Web

Embed & Display your eLearn Commerce Courses, Ebooks, Videos, Offers, Learning Content Library Index Pages and a lot more anywhere Online.

Seamless Navigation

Learners will be able to seamlessly navigate your Learning Content on the display site and not notice that it is hosted on another Site.

Content Sync & Multiply Youx1000

Set up one Learning Content Host Site then embed & display it across 1000’s of Sites. Host-Site Content Updates Propagate to all Display Sites.

Increase Conversions

Education & Learning are maybe THE most effective forms of advertising. Make both part of your Acquisition Process to Increase Conversions.

Works with any WPTheme & All Pagebuilders

Works with ALL Page builders! Use Thrive Architect, Divi, Elementor + more to build your own Custom Layouts & Learning Environments.

New Members Magnet

Require Visitors to subscribe to your Host Site before accessing and consuming your Content; All that without leaving the display Site.

More Leads & Sales

Embed Member Magnet Courses into Articles, Sales, Landing Pages, and Blogs. FB Pixel anyone viewing your Learning Content then follow up.

Learning + Ecommerce

Create more Value for your Market by adding Knowledge & Information Product Delivery to your Physical and/or Digital Product Sales Process.


From any LMS to eLearnCommerce

1 Click Content Migration from your previous LMS to eLearnCommerce. We support Course and Content Migrations from the following systems:

Thrive Apprentice

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From any MemberShip 
Plugin to the Sales Engine

Easily migrate your Members to the eLearnCommerce Sales Engine with a few clicks. We support Migrations from the following Membership Plugins.

Digital Access Pass
Easy Digital Downloads
Formidable Forms
Gravity Forms

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CSV Import and Notify Users 

Easily import members of your organization, corporation or the users from your previous membership site to the Sales Engine using a CSV. Notify them by Email.

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1-Click Content Access Rules Migration

Migrate all the Content Access Rules and the Subscription Expiration Data from your previous Membership Plugin to the Sales Engine.

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Content Stream

eLearnCommerce Feature Overview, Feature Overview, eLearnCommerce, eLearnCommerce

Create Learning Journeys

The Content Stream enables you to create Learning Journeys on your eLearning Platform.

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Drip Content & Timed Delivery

Drip or release Content Items day by day or on specific dates. Allow Instant Access and Content Delivery on Specific Dates.

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Self Paced and Fixed Curriculum Learning

Create Learning Experience where the Student has the Freedom to decide at which pace he’ll go through the Content of dictate a fixed rythm. Great if you’re teaching a
12, 24 or 48-week program.

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Create 1:1 and Group Personalized Learning Experiences 

Create custom-tailored 1:1 personalized learning journeys or create learning journeys for 100’s or 1000’s of learners and
set them on autopilot.

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Double your Coaching, Consulting & Teaching Business.

Sell Private 1 on 1 or Group Coaching, Consulting and Teaching Packages from your WordPress and Automate the entire Service Delivery & Sales Process.

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Create 1:1 and Group Personalized Learning Experiences 

Create custom-tailored 1:1 personalized learning journeys or create learning journeys for 100’s or 1000’s of learners and
set them on autopilot.


eLearnCommerce Feature Overview, Feature Overview, eLearnCommerce, eLearnCommerce

Course-Level Conversations

Enable conversations showing on all Courses both on a Course and Lesson Level for Standard, Video and Challenge Courses.

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Private & Secure Conversations on your domain.

Create Learning Channels on your WPEP powered learning platform and enable Slack like private, secure and real-time live Chats & Conversations with each single Student or with Groups of Students.

Private Confidential
File Sharing

Enable your Students to Privately share any files 1:1 or within a group and how you can structure and customize goal oriented conversations.

Multiple Conversations Management

Easily see all your channels and manage all conversations on one single page. 


eLearnCommerce Feature Overview, Feature Overview, eLearnCommerce, eLearnCommerce


Get Support from our Team of highly skilled Super Responsive Developers and WordPress Experts. Both Simple and Complex issues are handled in no time

Walkthrough System

eLearn Commerce is the first and only Content Delivery System that comes with a Walkthrough System. Just follow along, do as instructed and get it done in minutes instead of wasting days and weeks of your time stumbling in the dark.