How to Create an Online Certificate and Diploma Program on your WPEP Powered Elearning Platform.

Today is Friday the 30th of June 2017 and from this day on you’ll be able to Certify your Students using a FREE PREMIUM Addon we’ve just released today.

The WPEP Drag & Drop Certificates Addon

NOTE: If you own the WPEP developer license just log in to your codeiscode account to get your copy of this Addon.

This New Addon enables you to Create an Online Certificate & Diploma Program on your WPEP Driven ELearning Platform minutes after you’ve installed it.

You can award your Students with a Certificate of Completion for the Courses they’ve completed on your Teaching Site.


This is very very powerful.


Because learning is, in essence, a Conquest.

A Certificate of a Completion is a tangible marker at the end of the Learning Journey that confirms…for all to see…Yesss, I’ve made it!

It sort of Seals the Deal.

There is nothing more rewarding than being awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Getting the Certification or reaching Status “Certified” for many human beings can often be the main motivation to embark on a Learning Journey in the first place.

Adding Certificates to your ELearning Platform is a Huge Value Creation Tool for you.

It can potentially Increase your Student Retention Rate as well.

The Statistics speak a clear language.

If Students complete a Course and receive a Certificate of Completion they will more likely continue studying the next Course and the one after that and the one after that and so on.

The desire to relive a rewarding experience is a huge motivator for us human beings and it is an essential part of a well-designed Learning Journey.

The other great thing is that Students will share their accomplishments, rewards and certificates in their social circle and beyond which in an indirect and powerful way will raise awareness for your ELearning Platform and Brand too.

Download The FREE PREMIUM WPEP Drag & Drop Certificates Addon and Add Certificates to your Courses.

All the best

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