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How to Easily Embed Any Type of Video On Your eLearnCommerce Platform.

Corrado Izzo

August 16, 2017

Corrado Izzo

August 16, 2017

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This is going to be very hands-on and practical, and therefore, I’ll keep this as short as possible and to the point Execution Plan Style!

Which Videos can you embed?

All of them!


There are two main ways to embed videos into eLearnCommerce.


  • The Oembed way
  • The Video Shortcode way.


Let’s learn how.


The Oembed Way

eLearnCommerce supports WordPress Oembed, which makes it extremely easy for you to embed almost any type of Videos into your Elearning Platform.

You paste a URL into the Text Editor, and eLearnCommerce will automatically turn it into an embed.

Oembed supports Animoto, Blip, College Humor, Daily Motion, Funny or Die.com, Hulu, TED, Vimeo, Vine, WordPress.tv, Youtube, Youtube Playlist, Flickr and more

All you do is paste the URL of any Video hosted on any one of these services into your text editor in this way:



and the video automatically appears.


The 2nd Super Easy way to embed all other Videos into your eLearning Platform is,


The Video ShortCode Way

When you install eLearnCommerce it adds this to any Text Editor on your WordPress:



Use it to embed all other Videos incl. The ones you host on services such as Wistia, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Youtube, etc.

The eLearnCommerce Shortcode builder makes embedding Videos a breeze.

Learn How to Use the WPEP Video Shortcode here. 


We’re done!


These are the 2 Methods to Embed Video into eLearnCommerce.



Let me give you some detailed how-to embed guides and a few tips that will help you choose between the most commonly used Video Hosting Services online.


Before I do, let me say that we recommend Vimeo and you’ll soon find out why.



Learn How to Embed Youtube Videos into eLearnCommerce here



Youtube is Free and Unltd. (Host as many Videos as you want)Great for SEO, incl. Analytics and Content Protection.


Your viewers will see Ads and be invited to view other Videos, which = high distraction potential.

If you don’t care about that, go with it.



Learn How to Embed Vimeo Videos into WPEP here



With Vimeo Pro, for 189$ a year, you get a PRO Video Hosting Solution, which scales as your business grows.

Vimeo Pro gives you all the “necessary” Bells & Whistles like analytics, SEO, adaptive streaming, customizable players as well.

We love Vimeo PRO, and we recommend you get it.

Start with Free then Go Pro as you Grow.


Get it Here



None, and that’s why we recommend it!



Learn How to Embed Wistia Videos into WPEP here

Wistia is a top-tier Video Hosting Solution, and you get what you pay for.

We love Wistia!



Wistia comes with very advanced features like Lead Collection, analytics, lightning-fast adaptive streaming, video SEO, and more.



Most of the advanced features are not a requirement in an eLearning scenario and overkill!

The Wistia Player is very bulky and resource-intensive, and if you’re using the Execution Plan, Learn Map, Challenge Course types which happen on the same one page; thus, the more videos you add, the more your page load time will increase.

To prevent that, we have the Load Content on Demand feature, which I highly suggest you activate should you decide to use Wistia.

The Free Plan gives you only 3 Videos, and the Pro Plan is 99$ a month, 1188$ a year + each Video over the 10 Free Videos that come with the Pro Plan cost an additional 25 cents, and you pay extra for the Bandwith as well.

If it’s in your budget, go with Wistia…you won’t regret it ever.


Amazon S3

Learn How to Embed Amazon S3 Videos into WPEP here


NOTE: You’ll need to Configure Amazon S3 for it to Stream your Videos.



You pay based on usage, no setup or monthly costs, it works within eLearnCommerce, and it’s a great solution to host all your digital files like your deliverables, reports, etc.



It doesn’t come with all the advanced features, like analytics, SEO, no adaptive streaming, which means that in some instances, video streaming will not be “fluid.”

Vimeo videos will play on mobile devices anywhere, even when there’s not a great connection; Amazon s3 videos will most likely not play on low bandwidth connections.

Amazon S3 is a very Pro Solution designed from the ground up to be used by tech-gurus, and you need a very techie set up to make it stream and run properly.

The whole usage of it is not so intuitive for the non-technically versed compared to all the other solutions I just listed.

If you decide to use Amazon S3 you need to make sure to upload HD size videos with a 16:9 aspect ratio, you’ll have black bars below and above the video, if you don’t.


Corrado Izzo

CEO – eLearnCommerce & CodeisCode

“We empower Online educators by enabling them to create eLearning Platforms they fully own and control.”



About the author 

Corrado Izzo

I am the Founder and CEO of CodeisCode.com. I am a Knowledge Marketer, Coach, Consultant and Online Business Owner and we run Live and Online Training Courses and Seminars in our Business.

As I approached Online Knowledge Delivery i looked around and with great frustration i found no Solution that would be quick, easy and simple to use and implement and when i say quick i mean 5 minutes quick, learning curve included.

All i found was so unnecessarily complicated…only the SAAS Solutions got it right!

I just wanted to be able to deliver Knowledge to my Audience, Sell my Courses and Create Online Learning Environments on my WordPress Website and i wanted to achieve this end result on my own in just a few minutes each time. 

And so after i spent days trying to figure out how to accomplish that with all the available solutions out there without success i decided to build it from scratch myself exactly the way i wanted it to work. 

I want Quick…I want Low Hassle…I want it to work Immediately…I want it to be Intuitive…I don’t want to learn a completely new way of doing things and i don’t want to hire, pay and be dependant on a Technology Guru to make it work.

As i had to work with it everyday myself including my Non Tech Staff Members i needed it to be easier than easy and a pleasure to work with exactly like the expensive SAAS Solutions out there and with that in mind, in 2014 we went on to create:

WPEP – The eLearning Platform for WordPress which was renamed to eLearnCommerce in 2019.

eLearnCommerce enables you to create anything eLearning on your WordPress Website in just a few clicks no matter if you just want to sell a Single Course Online or if you want to create a Highly Professional Online Learning Environment and Experience for your Students.

eLearnCommerce has the Power & Simplicity of a SAAS Solution but it runs on your Own WordPress Site.

It is Unbelievably Quick, Easy, Simple and Painfree!

That’s my Guarantee!

To your Success
Corrado Izzo

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