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Introducing eLearnCommerce Lite

Corrado Izzo

October 10, 2019

Corrado Izzo

October 10, 2019

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We’re celebrating over here.


It’s a big day for us and we’re celebrating with a Huge Giveaway!



We’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.


eLearnCommerce Lite is out, it’s FREE, and you can do so much with it, it’s incredible!


5 Years in the making the “Blink of an Eye” Course Builder remains a tool many professionals love to work with every day to package their Knowledge into Lessons and then deliver it to clients and learners worldwide.


Let’s walk down Memory Lane!


Back in 2014, when construction of the WordPress eLearning Platform Project (WPEP) started, the One-Page Coursebuilder was part of the very first version we released.


To this day it’s the only Coursebuilder that enables you to build a course on your WordPress by staying on the same one page…


…thus, One-Page Coursebuilder or Blink of an Eye Coursebuilder as I like to call it because it’s lightning-fast to build a Course with it.


Watch me build a 7 Lessons Course in 60 Seconds


The story goes that in 2014, I am teaching courses offline for a few years and now I want to take my training and courses online.


I started researching my options and I was profoundly shocked when I saw the tools available to me to create Courses on WordPress.


It was a very sad sight and deeply frustrating!




Everything was unnecessarily complicated and full of flaws.


Only the big SAAS Platforms like Kajabi, Udemy, and the likes got it right!


On these Platforms, Coursebuilding happened on one single page while anything built for building Courses on WordPress was like stuck in 1993 and in a way, still is.


What’s the difference?


If you find yourself building a 2 or 300 Lesson Course with eLearnCommerce, it all happens on one single page while anything else forces you to create 2 to 300 separate WordPress Pages.


I find this insane!


If you want to edit Content, one way or another you have to navigate to each individual page.



Things got a little bit better as Page Navigators started popping up left and right around 2017, but it’s like layering or covering a poor way of doing things up with a slight improvement, which does not change nor improve the quality and flawed nature of the initial design.


It just looks fancy on the surface but is inherently imperfect.


Our Blink of an Eye One-Page Course Builder turns Online Course Creation into a Copy & Paste Affair! [DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!]


Building my Online Presence & Home on rented land using Kajabi or Udemy or a similar solution was not an option as I wanted full control and 100% ownership, so WordPress was the only way i saw back in 2014.


One beautiful day after frustration number 268, sleepless night number 7 and unable to accept the unnecessarily complex, I decided to build it from scratch exactly the way I wanted it to work.


I am simple!


I want quick, easy, and straightforward!


Version 1.0 launched to the public in January 2015.


It worked big time, no ads, no promo, nothing, 100’s of sales.


Many that bought that 1st Version are still with us to this day.


This was the video I recorded to launch it:





As I said in the beginning, we’ve come a long way since 2014.


Back then, I was on my own; now, we’re a team of 8 and growing!


I found a great business partner in Robert Rusu, our CTO, without whom the development of the product could’ve never progressed as it did after that first release.


The 2015 Version has nothing to do with what’s there today.


What remains unchanged is the philosophy behind it, the ease of use and the fact that it’s fast like nothing else.


End of Memory Lane




I made a mistake!


WPEP, as it was called back then, was a paid product since day 1 when I first launched it in January 2015; in hindsight setting a price on it back then was “partially,” a mistake I made…


… I should’ve just given it away for free, at least initially.


The traffic on the website was incredible, and a lot more people would’ve given it a try, but that’s not how it went.


There’s no regret here; I am just “perspectiving” and looking at it from a different angle.


The truth is we wanted to have a Free Version out there since day 1 to enable anyone who became aware of us to try the tool out easily, but customers kept on flowing in, and the requests and the development of the product kept pushing the capabilities of the Software to unimaginable new heights.


There was no way of stopping the progress, and we had no intention to stop it either.


We were on a mission to build the most complete eLearning Platform for WordPress, and although we still have places to go we did accomplish that mission.


It’s been great and the best is yet to come!


Now, it’s not only the One-Page Coursebuilder anymore that is great, but eLearnCommerce itself is such a beast in terms of what you can build with it, it’s impressive.


Check all the features here


Today, with the release of eLearnCommerce Lite, for us, a dream has come true!


We’re thrilled, and we’re celebrating and we want to celebrate with you!


eLearnCommerce Lite is Out, it’s FREE “finally,” and I am sure many Knowledge Workers will love using it to build exciting things.


Let’s LITE the world together 😉


All the best
Corrado Izzo
CEO – eLearnCommerce


PS.: Our Giveaway ends on Nov. the 9th, get in before it’s too late! Signup here


About the author 

Corrado Izzo

I am the Founder and CEO of CodeisCode.com. I am a Knowledge Marketer, Coach, Consultant and Online Business Owner and we run Live and Online Training Courses and Seminars in our Business.

As I approached Online Knowledge Delivery i looked around and with great frustration i found no Solution that would be quick, easy and simple to use and implement and when i say quick i mean 5 minutes quick, learning curve included.

All i found was so unnecessarily complicated…only the SAAS Solutions got it right!

I just wanted to be able to deliver Knowledge to my Audience, Sell my Courses and Create Online Learning Environments on my WordPress Website and i wanted to achieve this end result on my own in just a few minutes each time. 

And so after i spent days trying to figure out how to accomplish that with all the available solutions out there without success i decided to build it from scratch myself exactly the way i wanted it to work. 

I want Quick…I want Low Hassle…I want it to work Immediately…I want it to be Intuitive…I don’t want to learn a completely new way of doing things and i don’t want to hire, pay and be dependant on a Technology Guru to make it work.

As i had to work with it everyday myself including my Non Tech Staff Members i needed it to be easier than easy and a pleasure to work with exactly like the expensive SAAS Solutions out there and with that in mind, in 2014 we went on to create:

WPEP – The eLearning Platform for WordPress which was renamed to eLearnCommerce in 2019.

eLearnCommerce enables you to create anything eLearning on your WordPress Website in just a few clicks no matter if you just want to sell a Single Course Online or if you want to create a Highly Professional Online Learning Environment and Experience for your Students.

eLearnCommerce has the Power & Simplicity of a SAAS Solution but it runs on your Own WordPress Site.

It is Unbelievably Quick, Easy, Simple and Painfree!

That’s my Guarantee!

To your Success
Corrado Izzo

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