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A complete messaging system for your Platform

What if you could add a complete messaging system to your eLearnCommerce Platform enabling one Person to communicate with another or with a group of people without them ever leaving your eLearning Membership site?

What if you could offer your coaching and consulting clients an integrated learning & service delivery experience, which includes the ability for them to message you while they go through your Courses and Content?

Private & Secure

What if you have clients who highly value their privacy and prefer to not disclose confidential information and files on social networks or third-party messaging platforms?

Distraction Free

What about creating a rabbit hole, distraction, advertisement, look at what I ate yesterday for lunch picture-free messaging experience on your eLearning Platform, which is centered around and focussed on the topic you teach?

High perceived value

How much more value will your ability to offer a private and secure messaging experience to your coaching & consulting clients enable you to create?

What if these conversations would work exactly the way your audience is used to it from the big social networks, but instead of them going to the Facebook platform, they log in to your eLearnCommerce Platform?

What if your Members, Clients, or Learners could:


Mention each other in conversations

Express emotions using emojis


Get notified by email and reengaged



Get Notified On-site and remain in touch



Create posts and add comments




Access a messaging center on your platform



Participate in conversations while on the go





All of the above happens under your Brand on your eLearnCommerce + eLearnCommerce Private Messaging Module + WordPress powered Platform!

How will this raise the perceived value of your brand in the minds of your customers and clients?

How will it be seen if your Platform has a messaging center feature similar to the one they know from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube?

I’ll let you answer that one!


Conversation statistics & 100% Data ownership



What if you could, precisely as these big players do it, keep the finger on the pulse of the communication habits of your audience, monitor conversations, and see detailed stats?

What if you could gain insight into what your learners react to and talk about in real-time while you retain 100% control of the data and ownership of it all?

Unbelievably easy to set up!

What if you could transform your eLearnCommerce Platform into a bustling conversation hub for your community in 1 minute 34 seconds and just 7 easy to execute steps?

All of this and so much more you can easily accomplish with the eLearnCommerce Private Messaging Premium Module we’re releasing today!


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