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A complete system to deliver custom Team Training Programs and Business Development Services to teams of any size from your eLearnCommerce Platform.


What if you could create, design, manage, sell and automate the delivery of custom training programs and business development services to teams of any size from your eLearnCommerce Platform?

What if you could Diagnose teams and help business owners and team managers Identify strengths, uncover weaknesses both at the team and the individual team member level?

What if you could expose the biggest problem areas and create ultimate clarity around which area to tackle and improve first and most importantly how to improve them through a training plan, you custom design and deliver, from your eLearnCommerce platform?


Create Instant Clarity!

What if you could create the Value of Organizational Clarity and the building of High-Performance Teams for your customers?

What if you could give CEO’s, Founders, Team and Corporate leaders a clear answer to the following questions:

What are the strengths of our team?

What are our weaknesses?

Which area/department is the biggest problem?

What should we solve first?

How should we solve it?

To gain traction and grow our company…

In which area does our team require to be trained first?

Which areas are missing totally?

Who do we need to hire next?

What if creating an organizational SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis both on the team and the individual team member level is part of your team training service?


From Customer Acquisition to 100% Strong Team the eLearnCommerce Team Training Module gives you everything you need to…




Organizational & Team Checkup Lead Magnet

Acquire new leads for your team training program by creating a highly valuable and FREE Organizational Checkup Lead Magnet Quiz which will both Identify strengths and uncover weaknesses at the team level.

Your newly acquired lead will gain immediate insight while you can follow up and sell your Team Training Program or lead them further down the funnel/customer journey.



Sub-accounts, Corporate or Team Accounts.


Create Team Accounts based on Team Size, establish Team Roles and design the Team Account Upsell and Upgrade paths.




Role-based training tracks, courses and any type of media.


Create and publish execution plans, courses, and any type of media to deliver training to each team member based on his or her team role.




Role-based and Team SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis and subsequent Role-based training assignment.



The before and after diagnosis assessment cycle enables you to identify strengths, uncover weaknesses both at the team and the individual team member level in order to get everyone involved 100% onto the same page.

Expose the biggest problem areas create ultimate clarity around which to tackled and solve first and most importantly how to solve them through a training plan that is truly custom.




Advanced KPI (Key Performance Indicator) goals setting and tracking.



Advanced KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and Goals setting and tracking enables team training program managers to monitor the performance, the execution of activities and the reaching of previously established goals both at the team and the individual team member level.





Before & After Training Assessment Cycle



The automated before and after training assessment cycle creates ultimate clarity and understanding of how each team member and the team as a whole is performing and has improved over time through your training.




All of the above happens under your Brand on your eLearnCommerce + eLearnCommerce Team Training  Module + WordPress powered Platform!

How will this raise the perceived value of your brand in the minds of your customers and clients?

How will it be seen if your Platform has a Team Training facility similar to the custom-built platforms of the top 1% Training Organizations in the world today!

I’ll let you answer that one!




Team Training Statistics and 100% Data Ownership



At a glance 360º overview of all relevant stats for each human touchpoint ie. platform admins, team managers, and each team member.


Unbelievably easy to setup

What if you could transform your eLearnCommerce Platform into a Team Training and Business Development Services Powerhouse in 1 minute and 09 seconds and just 4 easy to execute steps.

All of this and so much more you can easily accomplish with the eLearnCommerce Team Training Premium Extension Module we’re releasing today!


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