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About this Module

This Module enables you to transform your eLearning Platform into a Learning Content Hosting and Knowledge Broadcasting Station.

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It basically turns your eLearning Platform and Brand into a Youtube for Courses and Learning.

With the same ease you grab an embed link from Youtube to display a Video anywhere on the Web; you can now do the same thing with any Learning Content you published on your eLearning Platform.

Just grab the embed code and paste it to any website Online to display your WPEP Courses, Ebooks, Videos, Offers, Learning Content Library Index Pages and a lot more…

Your WPEP Powered eLearning Platform becomes the center of your Learning Opportunity Universe.

Set up 1 eLearning platform then display your Content across 100’s or 1000’s of Sites or just in your private Learning and Knowledge Network.

Give anyone visiting your Site the ability to share your Courses anywhere on the web.

FB-Pixel anyone viewing your Learning Content.

Updating Content on your Host Site will automatically update the Content on your Display Site(s) as well. This means you can potentially update 1000’s of Courses in just a few seconds.

Publish Member Magnet Courses and require Visitors to subscribe to consume your Learning Content; All that without leaving the display Site.

Save time, money, multiply yourself x1000 and amplify engagement to the moon and back!

Now pause for a moment and Imagine the Possibilities!

Features & Benefits

Embed your Content Anywhere on the Web

Embed & Display your eLearn Commerce Courses, Ebooks, Videos, Offers, Learning Content Library Index Pages and a lot more anywhere Online.

Seamless Navigation

Learners will be able to seamlessly navigate your Learning Content on the display site and not notice that it is hosted on another Site.

Learning + Ecommerce

Create more Value for your Market by adding Knowledge & Information Product Delivery to your Physical and/or Digital Product Sales Process.

Increase Conversions

Education & Learning are maybe THE most effective forms of advertising. Make both part of your Acquisition Process to Increase Conversions.

New Members Magnet

Require Visitors to subscribe to your Host Site before accessing and consuming your Content; All that without leaving the display Site.

More Leads & Sales​

Embed Member Magnet Courses into Articles, Sales, Landing Pages, and Blogs. FB Pixel anyone viewing your Learning Content then follow up.

Content Synce and Multiply youx1000

Set up one Learning Content Host Site then embed & display it across 1000’s of Sites. Host-Site Content Updates Propagate to all Display Sites.

Works with any WPTheme & All PageBuilders

Works with ALL Page builders! Use Thrive Architect, Divi, Elementor + more to build your own Custom Layouts & Learning Environments.

The Knowledge Broadcaster is an Extension Module and requires eLearn Commerce to be installed on your WordPress as well.

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Lifetime License

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› Access to the Members Only eLearn Commerce Implementation Live Support Group.

› Free Lifetime Updates

› Support for 2 Domains

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One Time Payment + Yearly Subscription

1 Domain License

› Free Access to the Members Only Implementation Live Support Group

› Free Updates for 1 Year

› Support for 1 Domain

$247.00/ yearly