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Sell Private 1 on 1 or Group Coaching, Consulting and Teaching Packages and automate the entire Service Delivery & Sales Process and more

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About this Module

This New Premium Module enables you to tackle 1:1 or Group coaching, consulting and teaching scenarios like only the top 1% teaching & training companies with big tech-budgets can.

Set up Virtual Classrooms, Private Areas & Personalized Learning Environments for every single Learner or Groups of Learners on your eLearning Platform.

Publish tailor-made Content & Courses for specific learners or Groups of Learners and deliver support, service, and assistance to your Clients or Members the super-high value way.

Have private, secure and real-time live Chats & Conversations with each Student or with Groups of Students.

Both Learner and Teacher can easily share Files between each other, publish private action plans, call replays, share links from around the web and more.

Designate multiple Coaches, Consultants or Teachers to specific Learners or Groups of Learners without giving them full admin access to your Site.

Features & Benefits


The Stunning Design which looks and performs great on and from any device increases the Perceived Value of your learning opportunity.


All Learning related activities centrally organized and managed on one single page thru which your Learners access your Elearning Platform.


No coding skills required! Copy & paste is all it takes! Just paste ONE Shortcode onto any WordPress Page and it’s there & working.


Set up a Virtual Classroom for each individual Student or for a Group of Students. Personalize & Brand every relevant aspect of the Learning Experience. Assign Specific & Private Learning Content & Courses.


Private, secure 1:1 or Group Conversations. No Page Reload is Necessary; New Comments are visible immediately on any device.


Publish and/or Drip-Feed Tailor-Made Private Content, Courses, Lessons, Files and Action Plans for specific Learners or Groups of Students.


Learner and Teacher get notified by email each time a conversation is updated. Enable/Disable Notifications & personalize the Email Message.


Nothing gets ever lost. A dedicated Search Box enables your Learners to easily and quickly search through the Conversation History.


No matter if you’re on mobile, your tablet or on your Desktop Computer. All Personalized Learning Features work flawlessly everywhere.


Create & Personalize both Name and Filter icons. Categorize and Order your Conversation into Topics or Learning Program Objectives.


Create a Private Library area or Files Repository on your Platform. Both Learner & Teacher can upload and exchange Files 1:1 or with a Group.


Assign Teachers, Coaches or Consultants to specific Learners or Groups of Students without giving them Full Admin Access to your Site.

The PLM is an Extension Module and requires eLearnCommerce to be installed on your WordPress as well. Learn more about the 4 components of the eLearnCommerce Platform

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Lifetime License

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› Access to the Members Only eLearn Commerce Implementation Live Support Group.

› Free Lifetime Updates

› Support for 2 Domains

$597.00/ One Time Payment

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Service for 1 Domain

› Keys in Hand Setup Service

› Includes $247 yearly recurring 1 domain License subscription FREE for the first 12 months

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› Free Access to the Members Only Implementation Live Support Group

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› Support for 1 Domain

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