Out Today WPEP 1.11.15 – Release Roundup!

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1.11.15 Release Roundup!

Some hours ago we’ve delivered the following Version Updates to you:

WPEP 1.11.15
Custom UI 1.10
Personalized Learning 1.5.1
Sales Engine 1.8

Review a detailed Changelog for this release here.


This release includes:

  • General Performance & Stability Improvements.

We never let a chance slip to improve speed, performance, and stability of the Platform.

Also, 1.11.15 contains many under the hood improvements that make it faster, more performant and extraordinarily stable.

The data architecture has been reworked and we’ve added more levels in preparation for the upcoming releases.


  • The Statistics Data Display System received major improvements.

We’ve added the following 21 New Data points to the statistics display.

  1. Assessments Completed
  2. Assessments Failed
  3. Assessments Pending
  4. Assessments Pending Review
  5. Course Comments
  6. Courses Completed
  7. Courses Started
  8. E-Books Downloaded
  9. Email Notifications
  10. Learning Channel Comments
  11. Lessons Completed
  12. List Items Links Clicked
  13. Offers Redeemed
  14. Videos Accessed
  15. Courses Created
  16. Offers Created
  17. Videos Created
  18. List Items Created
  19. E-Books Created
  20. Learning Channel Created
  21. Memberships Types Created
  • The All-New Weekly Report Preview :

Want to use your own software to display or process your data?

Just export it.

  • The Custom Range Generate Report Export:


  • Statistics Tracking: E-Books, Videos, Offers, List Items views are now being tracked and displayed.



  • We Added an Authority Badge for Admins & Members Managers to the Discussion Commenting System.


  • We extended conversation search to the 3rd Level of comments.

  • Platform Health, 1 click copy to clipboard report export.


What’s next?

We’re working on a Premium Version of the Statistics.

Statistics and the tracking of behaviors and actions is one part of our main focus for the rest of 2019.

Stats will connect to external Services you use in your business as well but more on this later.

Did you get the news?

Things will change after Feb. 28th, 2019

We’re ending WPEP!

Noooo, not end it like that!

We’re rebranding and relaunching it!

Read the official announcement here.

in a Nutshell!

We’re raising prices and we’re removing the Knowledge Broadcaster & Personalized Learning Module Lifetime Licenses.

Until Feb. 28th you can get the Lifetime Licenses of both these Modules for a little more than the cost of the yearly recurring License.

Here is a rundown of the 3 main changes that will take place after Feb.28th 2019

Change #1

On the Feb. 28th, we’ll be removing the Personalized Learning and Knowledge Broadcaster Lifetime Licenses.

You can get both these Lifetime Licenses with our End of WPEP 50% off Sale only until Feb 28th 2019.

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Change #2

We’ll be raising the price of the WPEP Lifetime License and remove it completely soon thereafter (towards the end of the year 2019).

You can still get the WPEP Lifetime License with our End of WPEP 50% off Sale until Feb. 28th of 2019.

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PS.: The WPEP Lifetime License does not contain the PLM and the KB Modules, these need to be purchased separately.

Change #3

We’re raising the prices of the regular Licenses and we’ll be moving to a monthly pricing model.

We’ll do some changes to the License and Product configurations too.

PS.: The end of WPEP 50% Discount applies to the Lifetime Licenses only and cannot be used to purchase the Personal, Business and Developer Licenses.

PPS.: For all existing customers, nothing will change!

You keep the price you bought WPEP for as long as your License remains active.

What else?

Have a great Weekend!

All the best
Corrado Izzo