Out Today WPEP 1.11.16 – Release Roundup!

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1.11.16 Release Roundup!

Some hours ago we’ve delivered the following Version Updates to you:

WPEP 1.11.16
Custom UI 1.11
Personalized Learning 1.5.2
Sales Engine 1.8.1

Review a detailed Changelog for this release here.


This release includes:

  • Option to disable the Learner Profile Cover Picture.

We’ve been asked about this feature a lot.

The Learner Profile has a very prominent Cover picture.

Since 1.11.16 you can now disable this Cover Picture with a single click.

Find all the Learner Profile features explained here.


  • Option to Disable the Admin Bar for Students.

When you set up an eLearning Membership Site you need to:

  1. setup login/logout & my account navigation menu items, and…
  2. disable the Black WordPress Admin Bar for your Members.

In the past, you’d use a Plugin to achieve this.

Since 1.11.16 we’ve built this option into WPEP.

You can now disable the Black WordPress Top Navigation Bar with one single click.


  • PLM Discussions Comments – Show My Activity / Show My Comments Filter

Using the Personalized Learning Module you’re able to host Private Conversations on your eLearning Platform.

Like on Facebook anyone of your Students is able to Post a Comment and others can add replies.

If you have a very active Group of Students, a lot can be posted very quickly.

The risk is there that students lose sight of their posts as the conversation thread grows longer and longer.

This Show My Activity / Show My Comments Filter resolve this issue from ever arising.

One click and each Student sees only the Posts and Comments he’s made.


  • Statistics – Content Types – Certifications

Did your Students Download their Certificates?

Since WPEP 1.11.16 you can know if and how many actually did.


  • Certificate Download Failsafe.

Failure to Generate a Certificate will output a placeholder image instead of image files that cannot be opened.


  • 2 Modes Index Page Course Button, Start & Continue.

Before, if a Student started a Course and he’d come back to it later the button would always say START.

Now the button on a started course will say Continue.


You’re able to customize and/or translate this text in the Settings.


That’s it for this release!

A new one is in the works already.


Did you get the news?

We’re rebranding and relaunching WPEP!

Read the official announcement here.

in a Nutshell!

We’re raising prices and we’re removing the Knowledge Broadcaster & Personalized Learning Module Lifetime Licenses.

Until Feb. 28th you can get the Lifetime Licenses of both these Modules for a little more than the cost of the yearly recurring License.

Here is a rundown of the 3 main changes that will take place after Feb.28th 2019


Change #1

On the Feb. 28th, we’ll be removing the Personalized Learning and Knowledge Broadcaster Lifetime Licenses.

You can get both these Lifetime Licenses with our End of WPEP 50% off Sale only until Feb 28th 2019.

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Change #2

We’ll be raising the price of the WPEP Lifetime License and remove it completely soon thereafter (towards the end of the year 2019).

You can still get the WPEP Lifetime License with our End of WPEP 50% off Sale until Feb. 28th of 2019.

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PS.: The WPEP Lifetime License does not contain the PLM and the KB Modules, these need to be purchased separately.


Change #3

We’re raising the prices of the regular Licenses and we’ll be moving to a monthly pricing model.

We’ll do some changes to the License and Product configurations too.

PS.: The end of WPEP 50% Discount applies to the Lifetime Licenses only and cannot be used to purchase the Personal, Business and Developer Licenses.

PPS.: For all existing customers, nothing will change!

You keep the price you bought WPEP for as long as your License remains active.

All the best
Corrado Izzo