Out Today WPEP 1.11.17 – Release Roundup!

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1.11.17 Release Roundup!


Today is a Big Day!

There is a brand-new Version of WPEP and the PLM Module waiting for you in your WordPress Dashboard.

Review a detailed Changelog for this release here.


With this latest Version, we bring you the Content Stream!


The Content Stream enables you to create Learning Journeys on your eLearning Platform.

Why did we call it Stream?

Because it turns your Learning Content into a River of Knowledge.

A Learning Content river that flows towards your Learners and Clients.

The Content Stream Manager lets you establish the Content flow or Content delivery rules.


Effective Learning is all about Rythm!


You can allow Instant Access, you can drip or release Content Items day by day or on specific dates.

You can also mix and match these as you like.

  • Instant Access allows you to create Self Paced Learning Journeys.

This means that the Student has the Freedom to decide at which pace he’ll go through the Content.

  • Dripping Content enables you to establish after how many days Content becomes accessible.
  • The Specific Date delivery option allows you to establish on which specific date Content is released into the Stream.


3 Time Frames

  • Upcoming
  • Today
  • History


6 Content Types

You can add 6 Content types into a Content Stream.

Now, let me show you why this is so incredibly Powerful?

Let’s go through some use-cases together!


Use Case 1:

You’re a Coach, Consultant or Teacher and you’re teaching a 12, 24 or 48-week program to 6.000+ students.

Each week they need to go through a Course, a Video, an Execution Plan, an ebook, an assessment, etc.

Create a Content Stream and set it on autopilot.

They enroll, signup, login and each day they’ll get served the content you added to the Stream.

You can dictate the rhythm and release the Content into the Stream on specific dates.

You can also allow them to learn in a self-paced manner by giving them instant access to the Content.

Now, they’ll be able zip through the content at whichever pace rocks their boat.

You can mix and match these delivery rules as well.

Our powerful stats will give you an overview of how students that go through the Stream are doing.

You can converse with them at specific points using the PLM 1:1 or Group Discussions.

Use Case 2:

High Ticket Coaching Client (C-Level Executive) pays you 25.000 or more a year!

You just had a Coaching Session with him and it came out that in the next 4 weeks before the next Session he needs to go through A – C – D – X and Y.

Create a Content Stream just for him on a 1:1 PLM Learning Channel and then share it with him on his Profile.


This is what Personalized Learning is all about!


Think about the possibilities!

You can create 1:1 personalized learning journeys or create learning journeys for 100’s or 1000’s of learners.

1.11.17 Release Roundup End!


All the best
Corrado Izzo

CEO – eLearnCommerce