Out Today WPEP 1.11.18 – Release Roundup!

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1.11.18 Release Roundup!


There is a brand-new Version of WPEP waiting for you in your WordPress Dashboard.

This release includes the following Version Updates:

Review a detailed Changelog for this release here.


Course Content Delivery Timing Options!


Yes, it’s about Drip-Feeding Lessons but that’s less than half the story.

Bear with me!

Last week we’ve released Version 1.11.17 introducing the Content Stream…learn more 

The Content Stream enables you to time the delivery of the 6 Content Types WPEP enables you to create and publish.


The 6 Content Types are:


The Content Stream is a powerful tool for creating Learning Journeys on your eLearning Platform.

Another word for Learning Journey is Training Track or Curriculum.

A Curriculum refers to the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn over a period of time.

This includes:

  • The learning standards or learning objectives they are expected to meet.
  • The units and lessons that teachers teach in a course.
  • The assignments and projects given to students.
  • The books, materials, videos, presentations, and readings used in a course.
  • The tests, assessments, and other methods used to evaluate student learning.

All of which you can create and publish on your eLearning Platform using the 6 WPEP Content Types.

The Content Stream enables you to place these on a Timeline.

I’ve illustrated 2 Use-Cases in the 1.11.17 Release Roundup.

Click here to learn all about it!

With 1.11.17 we’ve introduced a new content delivery timing standard as well.

You can give:

  1. Instant Access, which allows you to create Self Paced Learning Journeys.
  2. Drip Content, which enables you to establish after how many days Content becomes accessible, and you can…
  3. …Release Content on a Specific Date.


What’s new with 1.11.18?


With 1.11.18 we’ve rolled these same timing options into the 7 WPEP Course Types.


The 7 Course Types are:


You can give:

  1. Instant Access to a Section or Lesson within a Course.
  2. Drip Sections and Lessons and establish after how many days they become accessible, and…
  3. …Release Sections and Lessons on Specific Dates.

You can also Reverse Drip-Feed and restrict access to a Section or Lesson:

  1. Day by Day or
  2. on a Specific Date.

You can also mix and match these within the same course.

These new and easier to use timing options replace our previous timing options.

When you update to Version 1.11.18 all your previous timing settings will seamlessly be migrated to the new system.

NOTE: These timing options are native to the Platform which means no Membership Plugin is required to use them.


More timing options coming soon!


We’ll add more learning project management oriented timing options in the soon to be released 1.12 Version of WPEP.

What else?


Course Previews for Video & Challenge Course Type


With WPEP you can easily create a Preview Course or Trial Lessons using the Preview Course shortcode.

We’ve now extended this capability and you can use it on both the Video and the Challenge Course Type.



Customize the default WordPress Password Reset Email


This is the one email users get when they lose their password after they went through the password retrieval process.

Up until now, it wasn’t easy to personalize.

In 1.11.18. we’ve added an option that enables you to easily edit this very important message.



Custom Discussion Filters for each Learning Channel


The PLM enables you to host conversations on your eLearning Platform.

Discussion Filters enable to structure these conversations.




You can create as many conversation threads as you like.

Before, you could only set one set of global discussion filters for all threads.

Now, you can set or even disable discussion filters for each single learning channel no matter how many you create.


New Authentication Metrics



You can now track the following User Metrics in your Statistics Dashboard:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Password Reset


Authentication Form Custom Metric Lead Segments Tracking


Using the WPEP Authentication Form Shortcode you can place an authentication form onto any WP-Page, Post or WPEP Lesson.

We’ve now added an option into the Shortcode which enables you to create and add a Custom Metric to your Stats for each form you create.



Want to know or keep track of how a specific signup form is doing?

When you create the shortcode for that form just name the Lead Segment and find the new metric in your Stats.

It’s that easy.

Last but not least!


New Sales Engine Distraction Free Checkout



The Sales Engine comes with high converting checkout pages.

The New Distraction Free Checkout Option we’ve added will automatically remove the header and footer of your website from the Checkout Process.

Your Customers, Clients, Learners or Members will have a single focus now.

Insert their details, signup, pay and then access your Platform and Content.

More is coming!


1.11.18 Release Roundup End!


Did you get the news?


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in a Nutshell!

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Change #1


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Change #2


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Change #3


We’re raising the prices of the regular Licenses and we’ll be moving to a monthly pricing model.

We’ll do some changes to the License and Product configurations too.

PS.: The end of WPEP 50% Discount applies to the Lifetime Licenses only and cannot be used to purchase the Personal, Business and Developer Licenses.

PPS.: For all existing customers, nothing will change!

You keep the price you bought WPEP for as long as your License remains active.

All the best
Corrado Izzo