Out Today! WPEP 1.11.5 – Release Roundup + Discount for You!

Version 1.11.5 of the eLearning platform for WordPress is out today!

We’re very proud to bring you this new release and to show you our appreciation we’ve decided to run a ltd. time discount on any purchase!

Use POINT5 Discount Code upon Checkout and get 10% off any Purchase until August 8th.

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you go through the brand new features WPEP Version 1.11 Austin contains, here.

Ok, let’s do this!

The following Products have been updated with WPEP 1.11.5

  • WPEP Sales Engine was updated to 1.7.1
  • WPEP Personalized Learning was updated to 1.2.1

(make sure you update those as well when updating to 1.11.5)

More and more Coaches, Consultants and Teachers are using the Personalized Learning Module to create Personalized 1:1 or Group Learning Experiences on their eLearning platform. Review the features of this WPEP Extension Module here.

It allows you to set up Virtual Classrooms, Private Areas & Personalized Learning Environments for every single Learner or Groups of Learners and have private, secure and real-time live Chats & Conversations with each Student or with Groups of Students.

The improvement contained in Personalized Learning Version 1.2.1 is that users you delete from your elearning membership site will not appear in conversations anymore.

Once you delete a user, all the conversation data of that user will be wiped from all chat or virtual classrooms as well.

A very important improvement not only in regards to the preservation of your user’s data & privacy rights.

The Sales Engine Version 1.71 is a maintenance release and besides some fixes it also includes improvements of the beyond powerful WPEP Stripe Subscription Sync feature.

Don’t know about WPEP Sales Engine Stripe Subscription Synchronization?

If you’re using Stripe in your Online Business then you want to learn the kind of Superpowers this feature gives you.

Read up about it on the WPEP Version 1.11 Austin Release Note.

What else?

We’ve added a One-Click Data Export of Individual or Multiple Content Types feature to WPEP.

Say What?


WPEP already has a very powerful native import export feature which enables you to automatically backup or migrate your entire elearning platform with a few clicks…learn more!

Want to schedule automated Backups of your elearning platform?

The native import export feature gets the job done in a hands-off fashion.

Spending days and weeks to build your platform and want to move it to a different domain?

2 to 3 clicks + a few seconds of your time and it’s done.

What if you want to copy a single course or a group of courses or any other content type individually from one platform to the next?

Starting Today! The One-Click Data Export of Individual or Multiple Content Types feature included in 1.11.5 lets you do that.

Is this awesome or is it awesome!

Yes, it is!

What else?

Version 1.11.5 contains major improvements to WPEP Assessments as well.

We’ve added oEmbed support to the Assessment Content fields.

This enables you to easily add any kind of embed listed here, (there are a large number of wp plugins out there which generate oembeds as well) into your assessments.

By the way!

The WPEP Knowledge Broadcaster Extension module makes all of your Content that you host on your WPEP powered Platform embeddable anywhere on the web.

It’s your own oEmbed Engine of sorts!

Imagine the possibilities!

You could create one platform to rule them all with the WPEP Knowledge Broadcaster Module.

Create your own Version of Youtube but for learning Content.

Create your own Version of TED but for your learning Content.

Create your own Version of Vimeo but for learning Content.

Imagine the possibilities!

Another major improvement we’ve added is that we’ve eliminated Page Reloads while your learners go through your assessments.

The WPEP Assessment Journey, as explained here, consists of multiple Pages.

Before, each page of an assessment journey required a Page reload to be executed.

Now, your Learners stay on the same Page while taking assessments.

It’s much faster and a much better experience.

This hasn’t been all we’ve added.

If you fancy going thru technical stuff and see all the other things we’ve added, improved and fixed view the full changelog here.

We’re already preparing for 1.12 and it’s going to be epic!

Have a Great Day!

All the best
Corrado Izzo

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