Out Today! WPEP 1.11.7 – Release Roundup!

Version 1.11.7 of the eLearning platform for WordPress is out today!

This latest WPEP release contains a number of improvements, new features, and fixes.

Drag & Drop Certifications

We retired the Drag & Drop Certifications Addon and we made certifications native to WPEP.

One less thing to install, one less thing to download, one less thing to worry about!

All you need to do in the future is to activate the feature in the WPEP Settings and you’re ready to certify your Students.

Learn How to Create an Online Certificate and Diploma Program on your WPEP Powered Elearning Platform.

We improved the certification creation experience as well.

The dragging & dropping of the dynamic content fields is much smoother and visually more appealing now.

Personalized Learning Extension Module

With 1.11.7 we’re also releasing Version 1.22 of the Personalized Learning Module.

It contains improvements that significantly add to its reliability and stability.

This is especially important when you find yourself implementing it in High Traffic eLearning Membership Site scenarios with 100’s of thousands of Members.

If you do not own a License of the PLM Module, get it here and benefit from our current Back to School 30% discount promotion.

Preview and Trial Lessons are a GO!

In the past, you could easily create a Preview Course and offer Trial Lessons to your Learners with WPEP.

In 1.11.7 we’ve significantly expanded this feature and added visual elements to the UI of the Course Layouts.

On the Execution Plan Course Type, the lessons with a lock cannot be accessed.

This is how it looks on the Standard Course Type Section Overview.

And this is how it behaves in the Standard Course Sidebar Lesson Overview.

This works for the Execution Plan, Execution Plan unfolded, Standard Course and the Learn Map WPEP Course Types.

The Try before you Buy sales tactic is one of the most powerful Sales Tactics ever.

Now you can easily set this up on your WPEP powered elearning platform.

Swipe & adapt this Copy for your next Email, Course Sales Offer or Landing Page.

Not sure yet? Take a free lesson!
You can take free trial lessons of all our Courses.
Take one actual course lesson to see whether the training is for you, no strings attached!

Start your free trial lesson now

Learn how you can easily create a Preview Course and offer Trial Lessons to your Learners with WPEP.

Knowledge Broadcaster Extension Module

You can now Whitelist Domains in B2B Broadcasting Scenarios.

This means you can create an embed code which will display Course Content only on domains that you Whitelist.

Creating a High Ticket Course and you’re Licensing it to Blog or School or Institute or Academy X?

Simply Whitelist X’s URL and even if the Embed link is shared the Course cannot be accessed on any other domain then URL X.

You can use this feature as an additional security measure to protect your content within your own private network of eLearning sites.

Later this week i’ll send you a full Presentation illustrating all the features of the WPEP Knowledge Broadcaster Module.

Learn More about it here

ADDENDUM –> New Shortcode!

The Assessment Embed Shortcode

1.11.7 contains a powerful new shortcode which renders the assessments you create with WPEP location independent.

Embed your assessments anywhere on your Platform, onto a Page, into a Learner Profile, into a Personalized Learning Tab etc.

You can also use any Page Builder and build your very own assessment Pages using this Shortcode + any Page Builder Content Elements.

Learn how to use this Shortcode here

That’s it for this new Version.

If you fancy going through the changelog of this release you can do so here.

All the best
Corrado Izzo

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