Introduces the
All-New & Superior

> Learner Profile <

A place on your eLearning Platform your Learners can personalise and call their own creating the ideal circumstances for a strong sense of belonging to emerge within them naturally.

Your Learners can easily give it that personal touch by uploading a profile and cover photo and by adding personal details they’d like to share on your platform or with the world.

Here they can access your Courses, ebooks, offers, video archives, book-marked content, track their progress, continue learning where they left off, collect achievements, badges, certificates and interact with others.

A Gateway to your Learning Opportunity and Members Network the Learner Profile is the one place your Students will visit each time they log back into your platform.

Create an engaging, fun & highly habit-forming and Superior Learning Experience on your eLearning Platform with eLearn Commerce's All-New & Superior Learner Profiles.


The Stunning Design which looks and performs great on and from any device increases the Perceived Value of your learning opportunity.


All Learning related activities centrally organized and managed on one single page thru which your Learners access your Elearning Platform.


No coding skills required! Copy & paste is all it takes! Just paste ONE Shortcode onto any WordPress Page and it’s there & working.


Learner Profiles foster engagement & highly increase the potential for your learners to identify with and feel connected to the Values represented by your Brand.


Great for Platform-Wide announcements like upcoming courses, live events, seminars, trainings, products, New offers.
One-click easy setup thru incl. Widget.


Create Both Private & Public Profiles. Only Logged-in Students can access a Private Profile. Public Profiles can be viewed and shared with the World.


A personalised & well-curated profile which contains highly Valued Content, knowledge, achievements and Social Proof will less likely be abandoned.


Each profile gets a personalised URL containing your domain name. The act of sharing them online generates free traffic, exposure & interest in your platform.


Learner Profiles enable you to design an engaging & fun UX. Behaviour that promises repeat-pleasure is fuel to a human’s habit-forming mechanism.

Teamwork is a GO!
with 5 new

> User Roles <

The Setup and Management of an eLearning Platform and Online Business is very often a Team Effort and that is why we’ve introduced 5 New Key User Roles in eLearn Commerce 1.9.

1. Platform Manager
2. Content Manager
3. Audience Manager
4. Individual Course Manager
5. Individual Content Manager

This enables you to delegate Core Platform tasks and assign Core platform management responsibilities to your Team without giving them full admin access to your Site.

Each role comes with all the required capabilities assigned to it to enable each team member to access only those features and functions needed to perform all tasks within any given Area of responsibility.


Don’t walk it alone! Distributing the Workload increases your chances to Create & Run an eLearning Platform and Business that keeps growing.


As you Grow your Business, it’s easy to get caught up in low-value producing tasks. Don’t step into this trap! A Top Team is Key to Growth.


3 clicks is all it takes. Assigning areas of responsibility & setting these User Roles up in eLearn Commerce 1.9 is a 1-minute affair.

The Power to fix issues at your Fingertips

Gain Full Control over the Health Status of your eLearning Platform

We looked at all the support tickets we received over the last 12 months and combined what we learned with our own direct experience having facilitated the setup of 100’s of eLearning Platforms.

After looking at the data we identified the 9 most common time and resources stealing issues that can occur when setting up and running an eLearning Platform on WordPress.

We then went back to the drawing board and built a new feature for you that in essence will give you full control over the Health Status of your Platform.

We’re handing you the Power to fix issues with a single click.

eLearn Commerce 1.9 introduces the Platform Health Status feature which besides giving you an at a glance overview of the current state of your eLearning Platform.

Platform Health Status will also continuously check and monitor up to 14 different parameters in the background and immediately report any issues back to you.


Immediately see if an issue is present and resolve it yourself. Just click on the One click fix solution we provide in the Health Status Dashboard. DONE!


You save time, resources, gain more independence & don’t need support. We save time & resources. We both can dedicate time to Creating Value.


Health Status helps you eliminate time stealing issues with a single click so you can dedicate your time to what matters most in your Business.

821 Fonts at your disposal

eLearn Commerce 1.9 supports 805 Google + 16 Web-Safe Font Families. Change Font Family and Font Size across your eLearning Platform with one single click.

1.9 will also inherit the fonts and font settings of your WP Theme.

My Bookmarked Courses

1.9 enables your Learners to Bookmark the courses they like, love and/or are currently going thru.

Bookmarked Courses will appear under My Bookmarks on their Learner Profile Page.

Video Jump Links

1.9 Phoenix enables you to easily Index your Youtube, Vimeo, S3 Amazon & Wistia Videos.

With Video Jump links your Learners can Jump to a specific time in a Video Course.

Just add the Time and Title of your Jump Point and hit save.

That’s how simple we’ve made this for you.

Also great for sharing specific parts of an educational video on your eLearning Platform.

Experience how Video Jump links work right now by maybe “not” skipping thru an enlightening talk by Ken Robinson.

[wpep_course id="123507" show_header="0" layout-background-color="#f7faff" layout-box-shadow="0 0 0"]


Settings Page Dashboard

A New Dashboard that gives you an at a glance view of all eLearn Commerce Settings on one single Page. Navigate to each setting with one click.

Cleanup Utilities

Optimize speed and performance of your Site. Clean Up and remove old unused data from your database with one single click. You can also use this to erase all Content when moving and/or migrating from one site to another.

Theme by Course

You can now use and set a different eLearn Commerce Theme & CUSTOM UI Layout for each Course you publish on your eLearning Platform.

Weekly Recap

Send an automated email to your Learners each week containing a recap of the courses they’re currently learning, courses they completed and a reminder if they had no learning activity.

Improved Statistics

You can now see how much time your Learners spent between lessons.

Search Option

eLearn Commerce Content search was improved and now searches thru all Course Types incl. One-Off Course and Jump links as well.

Create Your Online Learning Platform Today!

Manage and Deliver your Content to your Audience directly from your WordPress Powered Website.

With 1.9 these Addons received updates

Custom UI: 1.6.0
Badge OS: 1.1.0
Certifications: 1.1.0
Import & Export: 1.3.1
Klick Tipp: 1.0.1
Sales Engine: 1.5.0

The Sales Engine Version update
to 1.5 is a Game Changer

It now integrates with THE 3 most
powerful cart solutions online today!

Create and Publish your Courses & Content with eLearn Commerce and then use ALL the features of these 3 very popular and comprehensive Cart Solutions to Sell & Deliver your Content.

We’ll deliver eLearn Commerce 1.9 Phoenix Tuesday the 17th of October to you.

We’re already working on eLearn Commerce 1.10 and make no mistake about it.

We’ll do our best to overdeliver again.

All the best
Corrado Izzo
CEO – CodeisCode