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The Perfect Recipe to build a PRO eLearning Membership Site using eLearnCommerce

Corrado Izzo

February 26, 2020

Corrado Izzo

February 26, 2020

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Olive oil, a clove of garlic, fresh tomatoes and a pinch of salt are all the ingredients you need to create the most amazing spaghetti sauce.

Give the same 4 ingredients to 10 different people and you’ll get 10 sauces that will look and taste worlds apart.

What’s the lesson here?

Different people can use the exact same ingredients and create a wealth of different outcomes, or, no outcome at all because the secret to a great sauce is not in the ingredients.

You can have the best ingredients and still fail!


Because the secret is in the way you prepare them.

The secret is in the process and best of all you can make the process yours ie. you can give it your spin, you can create a style that is uniquely yours.

Ingredients are important, yes, and you want great quality and most importantly very “simple” ingredients but if you’re process unaware then the quality of the outcome will most likely be the result of chance or downright suck.

Chance results and low-quality outcomes are not good enough for us professional eLearning Platform Architects.

How many colors did Van Gogh use to paint his masterpieces?


Red, Yellow and Blue

Any master painter can create any color on the scale by knowing how to combine these 3 primary colors.

Again, few simple ingredients and a specific procedure produce a wealth of variation and outcomes.

The point I want to drive home here is that there are rules and base elements in everything out there.

No matter if you cook, paint or build your eLearning Membership Site using a learning management system like eLearnCommerce.

These ingredients and these rules are fundamentally simple, once you know them, and my purpose today is to disclose them to you.

Cooking an amazing meal.

Painting a Masterpiece.

Building an Online Education Platform on WordPress using eLearnCommerce.

All of these are Creative acts.

Van Gogh uses 3 colors

Spaghetti sauce requires tomatoes, garlic, and salt.

What do you need to build your eLearning Platform?

Your Platform requires a theme, a page builder and eLearnCommerce.

That’s it!


Check out the recommended reading section below.


All the best
Corrado Izzo
CEO eLearnCommerce





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Whether you’re bootstrapping your business starting from scratch or you’re running an already established and successful business it’s very easy to fall into the trap and focus on the wrong tasks for too long only too find out days/weeks or months later that you wasted both precious time and money because you were not aware of some best practices.


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Best WordPress Theme for your Membership Site (2020)

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About the author 

Corrado Izzo

I am the Founder and CEO of CodeisCode.com. I am a Knowledge Marketer, Coach, Consultant and Online Business Owner and we run Live and Online Training Courses and Seminars in our Business.

As I approached Online Knowledge Delivery i looked around and with great frustration i found no Solution that would be quick, easy and simple to use and implement and when i say quick i mean 5 minutes quick, learning curve included.

All i found was so unnecessarily complicated…only the SAAS Solutions got it right!

I just wanted to be able to deliver Knowledge to my Audience, Sell my Courses and Create Online Learning Environments on my WordPress Website and i wanted to achieve this end result on my own in just a few minutes each time. 

And so after i spent days trying to figure out how to accomplish that with all the available solutions out there without success i decided to build it from scratch myself exactly the way i wanted it to work. 

I want Quick…I want Low Hassle…I want it to work Immediately…I want it to be Intuitive…I don’t want to learn a completely new way of doing things and i don’t want to hire, pay and be dependant on a Technology Guru to make it work.

As i had to work with it everyday myself including my Non Tech Staff Members i needed it to be easier than easy and a pleasure to work with exactly like the expensive SAAS Solutions out there and with that in mind, in 2014 we went on to create:

WPEP – The eLearning Platform for WordPress which was renamed to eLearnCommerce in 2019.

eLearnCommerce enables you to create anything eLearning on your WordPress Website in just a few clicks no matter if you just want to sell a Single Course Online or if you want to create a Highly Professional Online Learning Environment and Experience for your Students.

eLearnCommerce has the Power & Simplicity of a SAAS Solution but it runs on your Own WordPress Site.

It is Unbelievably Quick, Easy, Simple and Painfree!

That’s my Guarantee!

To your Success
Corrado Izzo

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