How to UPSELL Your Courses and Content within your Membership Site

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There are laws in Commerce, and this is one:

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the likelihood of selling a product to a new customer averages at a low 5-20%. 

We’ll not explore the psychology behind why that is so in this article, but it’s a fact. 

Existing customers who already bought are much more valuable and are much more likely to purchase again than new prospects. 

That is why we’ve built upselling right into the eLearnCommerce Platform and made it super easy to setup.


What is upselling?


Upselling is when you encourage your customer to buy either a higher-priced alternative, something additional, or to augment the original purchase with other features or greater access to content or services.


Can you make an example? 


Let’s say you have 4 Levels on your eLearnCommerce Membership Site:


1.: Free Level 

2.: Gold Level 47$ a month 

3.: Silver Level 97$ a month

4.: Platinum Level 297& a month


The Member Upgrade Journey would start with the Free Level and end with the Platinum Level.

Each time a Member upgrades, he gains access to more content, services, resources, learning channels, or direct access to coaches or teachers.

Keep in mind that eLearnCommerce enables you to not only Sell and Upsell Courses but all other Content Types and PLM Learning Channels as well.


Learn More about all the Content Types WPEP enables you to Create and Publish and Sell and Upsell.


As stated above, it is much more likely to upgrade Gold and Silver Level members into the Platinum Level than it is to acquire new Platinum Level members that never heard of you or your product. 


Learn how to plan any eLearning Platform and Membership site 


Let me show you how easy it is to UPSELL Your Content and Courses within your Membership Site with eLearnCommerce.

We’ve made this as easy as 1,2,3 


The eLearnCommerce Content Upsell Cycle


After you’ve created your Membership Levels using your Membership plugin of choice and created Upsell Sales Pages for each one,


1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> eLearnCommerce >> All Courses

(Choose the course you want to upsell, alternatively navigate to any other eLearnCommerce Content-Type)


2. Paste the Upsell URL link into the Membership Plugin metabox

(S2, Wishlist, Memberium etc.)


3. Update your Course or eLearnCommerce Content Type





This is how it will behave on the Frontend.


The Unavailable Course is Greyed Out, and upon clicking, your Member will be redirected to the Membership Upgrade Sales Page you previously created. 



NOTE: You can represent the Membership Upgrade Path inside a custom tab on the Learner Profile as well when using the Personalized Learning Module.


Which Plugins do I need?


You can currently Upsell your Content using the eLearnCommerce Content Sales Engine, s2 Member, WishlistMember, Memberium, MemberPress, MemberMouse, Digital Access Pass. 


The Content Upsell Cycle is a feature that comes out of the box if you use the following Combos:


eLearnCommerce + Content Sales Engine 

eLearnCommerce + Wishlist Member + WPEP Wishlist Member Addon Learn More

eLearnCommerce + S2 MemberPro + WPEP S2MemberPro Addon Learn More

eLearnCommerce + Memberium + WPEP Memberium Addon Learn More

eLearnCommerce + MemberPress + WPEP MemberPress Addon Learn More

eLearnCommerce + Member Mouse + WPEP MemberMouse Addon Learn More

eLearnCommerce + Digital Access Pass + WPEP Digital Access Pass Addon Learn More


One last thing!

You can also Upsell access to a whole eLearnCommerce Category of your Content no coding required!


All the best
Corrado Izzo
CEO – eLearnCommerce

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