This turns Your eLearning Membership Site into a Youtube for Courses and Learning in 11 min. flat!

Quickly scroll to the end of this Page and then come back here.

The Learn Map Course you viewed below is NOT hosted on this Website.

It is Broadcast onto this Post from our “Content Hosting Site” which is located on a
different domain and server on the web.

You’re viewing the Learn Map and reading this post on what we call a “Content Display Site”.

What is a Content Hosting Site?

Youtube and Vimeo are Content Hosting Sites.

When you grab an embed code from any Youtube or Vimeo Video and embed it on
your Website you turn it into a Content Display Site.

This is exactly what the Knowledge Broadcaster Extension Module enables you to achieve.

You install 1 instance of eLearnCommerce onto 1 domain then you add the Knowledge Broadcaster Module to it.


You turned your WordPress Website into a Courses and Learning Content Hosting Platform
like Youtube, Vimeo or other similar sites like that.

You’ve got awesome Content Broadcasting Power at your disposal now.

You can instantly share and embed any Course you’ve created with eLearnCommerce and any Page on your
WordPress Site anywhere online!

It took me just a few seconds to display the Learn Map you’re about to go thru at the end of this Post.

It takes more time for me to login into 10 other wp-admins than broadcasting this Learn Map onto another
20-50-100 or 500 posts or more all over the web.

It just takes a few seconds to do!

Seconds yes! and in the Learn Map below I’ll show you on screen how this works and how you can set
this up in exactly 11 minutes and 13 seconds.

This tech feels like it came straight out of Star Trek!

WPEP = eLearnCommerce 😉 Scottyyyy!

Scotty: Captain! we can beam all WP-Pages we have on our Platform too!

Scotty: Just tell me and I’ll make it happen instantly!

Captain Kirk: You never disappoint Scotty! This will change the game for us!
Get the KB Module ready and await my signal…

Scotty: Aye Aye Sir!

Now, when you share or embed a Youtube or Vimeo Video on your Site do
you need to install anything for the video to appear?


It’s just Click, Copy and Paste that’s all it takes.

The KB Module works exactly the same way.

When broadcast with the eLearnCommerce Knowledge Broadcaster you don’t need to set up
anything on the “Content Display Sites” for your Courses and WordPress Pages to appear.

This is beyond powerful!

Think about it!

Only Sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and the likes have this Content publishing
and distribution power & tech!

With the Knowledge Broadcaster, we’ve changed that balance in your favor for good.

Now you can do the same thing they do!

In just a few seconds, Star Trek Style!

Something else the Knowledge Broadcaster does is this.

You see that Share Box & Call to Action below the Learn Map?

Yes, i am letting you openly share this Course wherever you like online.

I said WHEREVER you like, yes!

Anywhere on the web actually.

Try it.

Click the button and paste the code which has been copied to your Clipboard onto any Website Online.

Paste it into a WordPress Post or Page.

Go to a Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft, Shopify, Magento, Ontraport, Leadpages, Joomla,
Drupal or any other page and add an HTML Element to any Landing Page and Paste
the code in there.

Use your favorite WordPress Page Builder like Thrive Architect, Elementor, Beaver Builder,
Divi, Visual Composer etc.and add an HTML Element to a Custom Page you built on any
Website online and paste the Code in there.

The Learn Map below will appear there too.

Have I got your imagination going?

Think about the possibilities!

Think about how much time and money this will save you!

This changes the whole way you’ll approach the development of your Content Distribution Strategy.

Keep in mind, this works not only for your eLearnCommerce Courses but also for any Page on your
WordPress Website.

Yes, you can broadcast those too!

But, this is not everything.

With a single click, and a couple of settings that take a few seconds to do I could turn the
eLearnCommerce Learn Map below into a Member Magnet Course and request anyone to register for
an account on my Content Host Site before they can access the Lessons.

All that without leaving the Display Site.

Did that register with you?

I said without leaving the Display Site.

If the Knowledge Broadcaster is not a game-changer then I honestly don’t know what is.

Let’s go through the Learn Map together cause there is more you need to see!

Let’s begin!

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