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Reporting & Statistics

eLearn Commerce gives you powerful stats at a glance.

You get a 360º Overall View on how active your Users have been, how many Courses they started and how many Lessons they completed.

You get a List View and a Graph View.

You can further drill down and view detailed statistics for each single User.

Which Courses he started and on which date he started them.

The Date on which he completed a Course.

What his current Progress % Rate per Course is.

Which Assessments and Quizzes a User has submitted.

Review his Assessment and Quizz Submissions.

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You can also get detailed statistics for each one of your Courses.

Which Users didn’t start going thru a specific Course yet and which once did.

The date on which your Users started studying a specific Course.

What their current Progress % Rate is.

The date on which they completed their first Lesson.

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You also get detailed reports for all the assessments ie. quizzes you created.

At a glance report on the currrent status showing you a complete list of all your Assessments.

How many of your Students still need to go thru an assessment. (Students Pending)

Which Assessments submitted by which Student require to be reviewed by the Teacher. (Students Pending Review)

How many Students have completed Assessments (Students Completed)

How many Students have failed (Students Failed)

The Total Number of Submissions (Total Submissions)

The Average Score across all of your Students (Average Score)

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Personalized Learning Report & Statistics

Download a Report and get an at a glance overview over the latest and current Student and Instructor activity by learning channel including a direct one-click link to each learner profile.

  • Name of Learner
  • Email Address of Student
  • Student Activity
  • Instructor Activity
  • View Profile

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View Student Identification ID & Report Statistics

A unique student identifier (SID) is typically a number or code assigned to students enrolled in public schools that allow government & state education agencies, districts, schools, collegiate institutions, researchers, and others to monitor, track, organize, and transfer student records more efficiently and reliably.

Easily export a .CSV report containing your Students first name, last name, course completion date, the unique Course Identifier (CID), the number of course hours, the unique student identifier and forward it to the government or state education agency.

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Your Memberships Status Report and Stats

Download a detailed report and get an at a glance overview of your membership statistics.

  • Name of Membership
  • Total number of Members
  • Status Inactive
  • Status Active
  • Status Expired
  • Status On Hold
  • Status Revoked
  • Status Cancelled
  • Status Refunded

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