WooCommerce Integration

Sell your Course & Content using the WooCommerce Shopping Cart.

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About this Integration

This Addon enables you to seamlessly integrate eLearn Commerce with WooCommerce the most popular Shopping Cart for WordPress.

You can create and publish Courses, Ebooks, Videos and Offers using eLearn Commerce.

Integrating eLearn Commerce with WooCommerce makes it possible for you to Sell all these different Content Types using the most downloaded WP Shopping Carts.

Learn How to Set it up


- Easily Map your WooCommerce Products with your eLearn Commerce Content Types and Start Selling.

- Use the WooCommerce default Product Sales Page or Set a Custom Sales Page URL for your eLearn Commerce Course, Ebook, Video or Offer.

- Associate one or more eLearn Commerce Courses, Ebooks, Videos or Offers to your WooCommerce Product(s).

- Set a default Product or Membership Sales Page URL on your WordPress ELearning Platform.

- Only Users that purchased are able to access Content everyone else will be automatically redirected to the Sales Page.

- Integrating eLearn Commerce with WooCommerce enables you to accept all Payment Gateways offered by WooCommerce.

- Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions as well.

- Automatically removes access for Users that cancel or refund their subscription.

Start Upselling your Execution Plans or Courses using the WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress.

The WooCommerce Integration is included in the following Licenses:

eLearning Platform Base License
Membership Commerce Plus License
Platform Commerce Professional
Full Stack Platform Enterprise