WPAchievements Integration

Easily create Achievements and issue sharable Badges as your users succeed.

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About this Integration

This Free Addon enables you to create a Gamified Learning Experience on your eLearn Commerce Powered eLearning Platform.
It integrates eLearn Commerce with WPAchievements which is a powerful Plugin that lets you easily create and manage achievements, quests, ranks and issue shareable badges as your learners succeed thru your Courses.

As your Learners progress, they’ll earn digital badges they can share anywhere, from Facebook, Linked In or Twitter, to their own blog or resume.

The Addon allows you to customize and define your very own Award Process and Gamification Steps.

You have 7 different achievement triggers at your disposal to gamify your eLearning experience.

  • Course Started
  • Course Completed
  • Lesson Completed
  • Assessment Status Pending
  • Assessment Status Pending Review
  • Assessment Status Failed
  • Assessment Status Success
  • Assessment Test Completion Rate Minimum Score.
  • eLearn Commerce Assessments

eLearn Commerce enables you to create and publish powerful Assessments and add them to your Courses to Quizz your Students with just a few clicks.

The eLearn Commerce Testing Environment Builder gives you full Control over the Design of the Testing Journey that your Student will go thru.

Learn More about eLearn Commerce Assessments here

Start Upselling your Execution Plans or Courses using the WPAchievements Plugin for WordPress.

The WPAchievements Integration is included in the following Licenses:

eLearning Platform Base License
Membership Commerce Plus License
Platform Commerce Professional
Full Stack Platform Enterprise