AdHoc Projects

Our Ad-Hoc Task-based project plans are great if you’re looking to delegate specific projects. We undertake tasks from start to finish and you pay for that particular project. This plan includes a dedicated Project Manager.

Whether your ad-hoc project requires a few hours or several months to complete, you do not have to sign-up for a monthly subscription plan. Contact us with the details of the task, including the time frame and the necessary skills involved. We will get back to you with a quote and the time estimate for your project as soon as possible.

The Ad-hoc task-based project is great if you need a custom solution developed or your eLearning Platform Setup.

Do you need a functionality for eLearnCommerce that is not offered out of the box or do you need an Addon or integration developed for your specific use case?

You’re an agency and are looking to outsource development work?

Simply fill in the form below and a Key Account Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

Keep in mind: “If you can think it we can build it”