Platform Care Plans

Professional One Stop Support and Service from the people who know your Platform best

Bronze Service & Support
$50 Monthly
Bronze gives you max 72 hours reply time on service and support requests.

Best for:
Small, settled or Platforms that did not enter the scaling phase yet.

Silver Service & Support
$200 Monthly
Silver gives you max 48 hours reply time on service and support requests.

Best for:
Scaling platforms with a low amount of monthly maintenance tasks.

Gold Service & Support
$400 Monthly
Gold gives you max 48 hours reply time on service and support requests.

Best for:
Scaling platforms with a high amount of monthly maintenance tasks.

Platinum Service & Support
$600 Monthly
Platinum gives you max 24 hours reply time on service and support requests.

Best for:
Scaling platforms with a higher amount of monthly maintenance tasks.

White-Glove Service & Support
Invites Only
as needed
Platinum gives you same day reply time on service and support requests.

Best for:
Enterprise, corporate, and high-end Training Platforms.

AdHoc Projects
Task-based Project Management
Request Quote
If you can think it we can build it and we deliver on time and budget.

Whether your Project takes a few hours or several months to complete, you do not have to sign-up for a monthly plan.

Contact us with the details and we’ll get back with a quote and delivery time.

Best for:
Integrations, platform projects, case-specific feature requirements, custom software solutions development.

All our Platform Care Plans include:

Direct Line To Our Experts​

Get immediate answers and assistance by phone, email or through the ECA Project Management Portal. No more waiting! A Platform Care Plan lets you skip the line. Our Team is just a phonecall or message away.

Special Access to Updates

Get Software Updates before anyone else, in some cases many months before public release containing new features, capabilities, fixes and improvements. You also get access to Non-Public Solutions.

Highest Priority Support

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our Team is there for you at all times to handle and resolve any issues the moment they arise and to keep your Platform up to date to prevent issues from happening at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can you help me choose the right Plan?
Yes, we can! Get in touch with us using the Chat on this Page. One great way to choose a plan is first to assess the number of hours you are spending each month to work on your Platform, divide that number by 3.5, and you’ll find which Plan is best suited for you. If you work 10 hours a month, the Plan that gives you 3 hours will be the right one for you. You can always begin with the starter plan and then upgrade later.
What do you mean by hours included?
That’s the number of hours charged to you even if you don’t use them. For example, if you sign up for a Professional Platform Care Plan and use only 6 hours, you will still be charged for all nine included in the Professional Plan. If you use 12 hours in a given month, then the three extra hours will be charged at the additional hourly rate.
What if I’ve used up all hours in a month?
We can still get work done for you. However, you will be charged at the additional hourly rate at the end of a given month as defined on your specific Plan.
How do I know how many hours I’ve used in a month?

Within the eLearnCommerce Portal, you’ll find a Calendar. Each time we execute tasks, you’ll find an entry in that calendar with a short description of tasks performed and how long it took to do them. This way, you’ll know at all times where you are in terms of hours and time spent in any given month.

What if I do not use up all the hours in a month?

If your Plan includes Roll-Over rules, then based on those rules, the unused hours will be Rolled-Over to the following month, and if unused again, they will then expire the month after. Always keep a line of communication going with your eLearnCommerce Project Manager; if requirements change, he will assist you in up or downgrading your Plan.

How will I be charged for urgent tasks on weekends?
During Launches, in urgent or in emergency scenarios, our Team is here for you during weekends and holidays. For tasks executed during such time, we charge 2.5 times the additional hourly rate applicable as specified on your Platform Care Plan your membership plan.
Can I upgrade and downgrade between plans?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade to any plan from month to month. You can upgrade and downgrade your Plan independently from within the eLearnCommerce Portal. It is an excellent practice to keep your Project Manager in the loop at all times about upcoming plan changes.

Do I have to commit to an ongoing contract?
No. You can cancel anytime, and your plan will run out till the end of the current month.
What is my billing cycle?
Platform Care Plans are a month-to-month service. We deduct the monthly fee from your credit card on a recurring 30-day cycle from when you first sign up.
How do you bill me for the additional hours used?
If you’re on the Starter Plan, we’ll deduct, with your approval, the additional hours required to perform the tasks from your credit card before executing any task. If you are on the Basic, Advanced, Professional, or Centurion Plan, we’ll add extra/additional hourly usage to next month’s invoice.
Can I use you for Client work?
Yes. Sign up to become a Partner Here.