Meeting Notes Q1 Customer Conference call March 1st 2021

Important changes will take place in Q1 2021

These upcoming changes touch the following main areas of our business:

– Orientation and focus of our company (we’re changing our business model from Software to Service Company)

– How we deliver support (Technical Support continues as usual, Implementation support gets delivered against a fee, by the hour or as part of a Platform Maintenance Support Package).

Things that will stay the same:

1.: We continue to deliver technical support as usual. You can report issues and bugs and we will address and resolve them. If you are on a platform maintenance plan bugs and technical issue reports will get a higher priority (usually same day or next day resolution) than if you’re not.

Important! We reserve the right to charge extra fees if your technical issues originate from the way you implemented the solution or if you did not follow best practices or if the issue is caused by with your hosting or how you setup your site.

We currently charge 90 USD an hour.

2.: After 2.0 gets out we go into the regular version release cycle again with new Version releases coming out every other day/week and/or when necessary.

Things that will change

1.: we’ll stop public sales of all Licenses, this means that you will not be able to purchase eLearnCommerce products freely from the website anylonger.


a.) Certified Implementation partners
b.) Value Added Distribution Partners and
c.) New Customers which went thru a qualification process will be able to purchase the software.

2.: We’re not delivering Implementation support anylonger for Free. Only If you are on a Platform Maintenance Plan or if we build the Platform for you as a service will we deliver Implementation support to you.

If you own the license and require implementation support you can crowdsource the answers from our documentation, the community and/or buy a Platform Maintenance package or hire our experts by the hour.

On our Platform the ECA (eLearnCommerce Academy) you’ll have the ability to post and comment like here on Facebook but it’s a platform we 100% own and control. (We highly value Freedom and Independence). The Facebook group will be closed, shut down and deleted.

What’s new?

We’re turning the business into a Full-Turnkey Service business. We do end to end project Management of eLearning platform construction projects and beyond that through our maintenance service we make sure that the Platform we’ve built for you continues to run reliably and without interruptions so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your Platform.

These are the 4 services we’ll deliver:


Keys in Hand eLearning Platform construction project management service.


Platform Maintenance and Management service.

After we’ve built it we’ll make sure it continues to run reliably without interruptions.

If you’ve built your Platform already you can delegate the maintenance and management of it to our team so you don’t have to worry about it anylonger.

A Platform Care Maintenance Package buys you the peace of mind that the people that built it also know it the best and most importantly know what to do to maintain it.

While on a platform maintenance plan you can also delegate any tasks such as adding content, extending the platform, adding new plans/memberships, new products, new learning journeys etc.

You also have a partner with whom you can discuss your strategic objectives and best approaches to extend your platform and its architecture so that it best reflects how your business works.


This is Fully Managed Custom-Tailored High Performance Hosting optimized for eLearnCommerce.


One time Projects and Custom Development of Features.

If you can think it we can build it ie. there are practically no limits to what we can do if you got the budget and an idea.

This is a quick overview of the main points we discussed during this call.

Stay tuned!