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Who uses eLearnCommerce?

Academics / Coaches / Consultants / Content Marketers / Digital Marketers / eLearning Platform Developers / Instructional Designers / Online Agencies / Online Businesses / Online Course Creators / Online Entrepreneurs / Schools / Teachers / Universities / Membership Site Owners

Academics / Coaches / Consultants / Content Marketers / Digital Marketers /
eLearning Platform Developers / Instructional Designers / Online Agencies /
Online Businesses / Online Course Creators / Online Entrepreneurs /
Schools / Teachers / Universities / Membership Site Owners

Stephanie Stiavetti uses eLearn Commerce to create and run her Cooking School Online. Her motto is: "I will teach you how to cook like a boss and turn you into a total Kitchen Ninja".

Stephanie Stiavetti

Logan Pont uses eLearn Commerce to help Organize video & structure lesson plans for teaching all aspects of snowboarding to beginner, Intermediate and advanced Snowboarders from around the world.

Wuest uses eLearn Commerce to coach other gym owners on how to build a world class experience for their clients at theboxbusiness.com

Mike Wuest
CrossFit COMO/TheBoxBusiness

Bea & Sean Armstrong a therapist who's build one of the most successful individual practices in the U.S and a marketer who's spent the past two decades helping therapists create successful practices, use eLearn Commerce to create and run their Online Therapy Marketing Institute at TherapyMarketingInstitute.com

Here they teach mental Health & Wellness professionals how to create thriving, abundant private practices & reach & help more people.

Bea & Sean Armstrong

Amerigo Casadei uses eLearn Commerce to create, manage and maintain an eLearning Platform and teach Personal Trainers and Fitness Consultants both On and Offline Marketing Strategies to grow their business.

Amerigo Casadei

Video Testimonials

Greg Gothelf
"Transforming lives through martial arts training"

More Testimonial

“I happened across WPEP at the perfect time for me and did everything I needed it to do – especially as I was tired of poor experiences with other learning management systems! You made it easy for me to give your product the praise it deserves!”

Nino Alves

“Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for creating such a useful product that truly makes my life a lot easier…without WPEP, I would definitely struggle to keep the content for my membership site simple, clean and technical all at the same time. Your ongoing support is unprecedented and I’m glad I have WPEP in my bag bags of tricks (snowboarding term) as we both advance forward into the future!”

Logan Pont

“Thank you! I have to say working with you, using WPEP, and the Grow Learn Teach team has been a breath of fresh air!”

Dr. Dar
Relationship Coach at Love Luminary &
CEO of Techqueen.biz

I am an infopreneur from Austria and I teach my clients how to build

an online business. I was looking for a very customizable and very easy

to use E-Learning platform for my clients.

I am using a German autoresponder tool, a German Membership Site Plugin, my customers are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and therefore I needed a German Learning Management System for WordPress as well.

With WPEP I now found the perfect solution.

it includes Gamification elements, a lot of learning related features and options and the Blink of an Eye Coursebuilder makes creating different course types amazingly easy.

More importantly though the Support I am getting is extraordinary, brilliant and fast. Answers to both simple and advanced questions are just an email away.

I highly recommend WPEP to anyone wanting to teach online and create great courses.

Christian Költringer

Before eLearnCommerce I was using the solutions my clients already had installed on their Wordpress. Now I use eLearnCommerce for every project because it has all I need. The Migration features enable me to migrate and import content over with a few clicks.

What makes me the happiest though is the fact that you keep updating the plugin and over the years you're constantly adding tons of features.

You make almost weekly updates with functionalities and this is great! I don't see that anywhere else and the support you give is just amazing.

What I appreciate the most is your passion for your product and with all you do you actually help me succeed and build my service business.

What I've been able to achieve since using eLearnCommerce?

I can build great course platforms my customers love because they are simple to use.

Cristian Ciuberea

Before I had eLearnCommerce I was struggling with pulling together and syncing different plugins to build, protect and sell my content. All I wanted to Simplify the membership site and course content with the ability to have private discussion areas with my clients.

What stood out for me compared to all the other options was that eLearnCommerce is an integrated solution that fits all my must-haves. In addition, the customer support for implementation is by far one of the best I've experienced.

What makes me the happiest about my choice is the level of support and access to the eLearnCommerce Team, I just post a question and I always receive a clear and concise answer quicker than I have a chance to move on to another project!

Since joining I was able to completely rework my entire offer as I have learned all that I can do using eLearnCommerce.

One thing that stood out for me was customer support; It exceeded by far my expectations and that's one of the main reasons why I highly recommend it.

The other reason is that it's easy to use and easy to implement.

What surprised me the most was how quickly I was able to and how accessible Corrado (CEO of eLearnCommerce) is to all of his customers. If you Jump into the Implementation support group and get to know the level of support you will have, you'll be amazed!

Buying eLearnCommerce was one of the best decisions I made for my business.

Keep up the excellent work! I'm always so impressed by you and your team and all the great improvements that you all come up with.

Stacy Luft
Bringing Corporate Success to Small Business

I just want to say how much I love using WPEP, I’ve honestly only been setting it up for the past 3 days and the support has been unbelievable (even at 3am when
I’m asking questions!)

Not only that, but the ability to rollout new features within a matter of days –
who does that?!

I’m SO loving the Preview functionality, makes it way easier to manage my courses.

Thanks WPEP!

Danny Veiga
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Influencer,
7 Figure Business Builder, DannyVeiga.com

Corrado and Robert were amazing! I needed some custom fields inside the LMS, and they hopped onto a video call with me to fully understand my needs, and implemented them in the next WPEP release. You won’t find that kind of customer service 
anywhere else!

Jassen Bowman
Tax CPE Instructor
Tax Firm Growth Strategist, Author TaxMarketingHQ.com

“I have been using WPEP for all of my online coaching, trainings and tutorials for tennis pros. After my students are allowed access to a tutorial, I hear nothing but great things about how easy it is for them to absorb the information in their own time, progress and go back to find relevant information. I love the fact that it is extremely easy to set up and even more impressed with the customer support and the willingness to make sure I am successful as a presenter and educator.”

Thank You WPEP!

Chris Michalowski
USPTA Tennis Teaching Professional

“I have been using the WPEP as my LMS for my tennis drills website for coaches. I love that I can have assessments and the coaches can print certificates so they can get continuing education credits for our Governing Body. I have been especially impressed with their support and willingness to make custom changes so I can have exactly what I need.”

Jorge Capestany
USPTA Master Professional and
PTR International Master Professional
founder of Tennisdrills.tv

“I purchased WPEP today and it was a breeze to get my content on the system.

Thanks for making a great plugin.”

Eustan Matthews
Marketing & Business Coach at